Comparative analysis of the Ember by Cercacor with CBC blood chemistry panel for accuracy, reliability and precision

Dr. Joseph A. Sheppard, A Case Report


Ember by Cercacor is a non-invasive hemoglobin tracking system that not only tracks your physiological chemistry but allows you to also manage over training for recovery and peak performance. Ember is the same technology used in hospitals around the world. While a traditional pulse oximeter sensor has two LED lights, Ember’s sensor has eight advanced LED sensors that accurately, efficiently and consistently measure hemoglobin and pulse rate in less than 90 seconds. There are several factors for repeatability consistency, which include placing the sensor on one’s non-dominant ring finger, proper posture, Electromagnetic fields (computers and overhead lights), and external elements (lotions and fingernail polish). Hemoglobin (Hgb) is the protein in the blood that binds and carries oxygen to the cells. Levels constantly change based upon seasons, elevation, water consumption, nutritional intake and training habits. Due to this objective tracking, you can manage your performance, race readiness and identify when you may have over trained. Ember is simple to use, wireless via Bluetooth to iPhone or iPad. The Ember App calculates, measures and analyzes hemoglobin levels in your blood currently and over time with screens indicating seasonal, elevation and daily-fluctuations to help you see trends. As a physician, athlete and parent, I have found that Ember consistently, accurately and objectively measures the overall health of the athlete – giving the knowledge and data to improve your nutritional input, performance training, hydration intake and sleep habits.. The Ember gives you around 5,000 tests, which is more than enough over a period of many years of training.

This study will compare Ember by Cercacor and Complete Blood Count (CBC) with differential diagnostic blood chemistry panel for reliability, accuracy and precision.


A 49 year old male was tested using the Ember by Cercacor and Med Lab diagnostic Laboratory in Cincinnati. Ember testing was performed 2 times Pre and Post CBC with Differential blood test panel. Additional accuracy and reliability testing was performed with repeated continuous Ember testing for 4 measurements.


Continuous Ember Testing       6:05 pm 15.6  Hgb,         6:06 pm 15.7 Hgb,           6:07 pm 15.6  Hgb,          6:08 pm 15.5 Hgb

Ember Cercacor (Pre)    2:07 pm 15.8 Hgb     2:12 pm  15.9  Hgb

CBC with Diff Blood Draw    2:16 p.m.   Hgb 16.2   

Ember Cercacor (Post)    2:23 pm  15.9 Hgb       2:24 pm 15.8   Hgb    


Repeatability and accuracy results for 4 continuous measurements of 15.6, 15.7, 15.6 and 15.5 Hgb. Testing showed that the repeatability and accuracy values average 15.6 Hgb which was 2 of the recorded 4 measurements.

Comparative analysis Pre blood test showed 15.8, 15.9, CBC with differential 16.2 Hgb and Post blood test was 15.9 and 15.8.  Data analysis revealed the Ember by Cercacor was within 2.56% accuracy based on pre and post data calculations of CBC diagnostic blood testing.