Resulting from two years of design, the Parrot Bebop 2 is your ideal flight companion. Weighing 500 grams and offering 25 minutes of autonomous flight time, this leisure drone is cutting-edge. Its high-performance specs mean it can fly, film, and take photographs brilliantly both indoors and outdoors. 


This is my second company adventure in my drone experience. The Parrot Bebop 2 is a lightweight, responsive and very aerodynamic drone. You are able to capture full HD 1080 P videos through a wide angle 14-megapixel lens. You are able to see horizontal and vertical under 180° pictures in excellent megapixel quality. While there is no axis gimbel, the images and video are beautifully captured. With the reduced weight of only 500 grams it can reach speeds of 37 mph horizontally and 13 mph vertically. This Parrot is very fast and can reach top speed in only 14 seconds. The Parrot is very stable even in harsh headwinds up to 37.28 mph giving a very steady image. The BeBop 2 is easy to set up and link with your smartphone via a Wi-Fi connection and is very responsive to all movements in your smart phone with its touchscreen controls and accelerometer. It’s as simple as hitting the takeoff button and flying. There is up to 25 minutes of flying time which is very impressive battery life. You do not need to purchase any additional storage as the unit has an onboard 8 GB of storage. The unit also has a 1.2-mile control range with a GPS enabled autopilot. You can capture any and all moments with beautifully terrain thru Follow Me tracking and any activity adventures you may choose. Just note that the propellers must be installed exactly as instructed or the Parrot won’t lift off. The Freeflight 3 mobile App is free and is easy to maneuver, capture and share all photos with interfaces touchscreen controls to your friends and social media. The Parrot is affordably priced for $399.The Parrot Bebop 2 is a highly responsive, easy to use and affordable 1080p Full HD performance camera.  


  • Enhanced 14-megapixel fish-eye lens offers 1080p video recording and image capture 4096 x 3072 Photos
  • 25 minutes of flight time thanks to a powerful 2700 mAh battery
  • Powerful rear flash LED for better visibility—even in the dark,
  • Connect to the App Store or Google Play and download the FreeFlight 3 application
  • 3-Axis Electronic Image Stabilization
  • 1.2 Mile Line-of-Sight Control Range with GPS Enabled Autopilot Functions and Follow Me visual tracking
  • 7-Sensor Flight Stabilization System for flight in greater altitudes
  • 8GB of On-Board Flash Memory
  • Up to 37.28 mph horizontally, 13.05 mph vertically and resist headwinds of 37.28 mph


  • Impressive 25 minutes of battery flight time
  • Full HD 1080p fisheye lens camera and 4096 x 3072 photos
  • Excellent durability and stability even in high headwinds
  • Easy to setup, use and share videos/phots with iPhone FreeFlight App
  • GPS Auto Function and Visual tracking
  • Light weight, fast and highly responsive 


  • Inability to view from below 


The Parrot Bebop 2 is a highly responsive, easy to use and affordable 1080p Full HD performance camera