The Duo™ is an MP3 player designed for swimmers that offers the highest quality sound without the use of ear buds. The Duo™ utilizes a sleek, two-piece design and Bone Conduction audio transmission to deliver crystal clear audio through cheekbones to the inner ear. 


Pavement and water workouts can be quite boring. I do not listen to music when I run or cycle but require music when I swim. The Finis Duo allows you to increase the intensity and length of your workouts without getting bored due to complete silence (earplugs) during my 45+ minute workouts in the water. The Finis uses a bone conduction audio transmission that has quality and crystal-clear sound while in the water. This is quite impressive as the Duo is waterproof up to 3 meters. The Duo stores up to 4 GB of music or 1000 songs for 60 hours of playback. You can listen to music audio books and more in a MP3 or WWA format. The improved version has a charging dock that is magnetized and give you seven hours of battery life with the rechargeable lithium battery. The Finis Duo has an integrated clip design that secures to the straps of the goggles for a very comfortable and secure fit. Since using the Finis Duo, it has upgraded my workout intensity and of course length due to the lack of quietness as I was always used to. They are affordably priced for $119 and are highly durable and long-lasting for many water miles. The Finis Duo is an excellent training tool that is durable, affordable and will take your swimming to a new level. 


  • Bone conduction audio transmission amazingly clear sound in the water without the Use of ear buds
  • Supports MP3 and wma audio formats compatible with iTunes; listen to music, audiobooks, podcasts and more
  • 4GB of storage stores approximately up to 1000 songs or 60 hours of playback
  • Integrated Clip design secures the device to goggle straps to rest on the cheekbones for a comfortable and streamlined fit
  • Waterproof Ipx8 to 3 meters and 30 minutes sound is clearest when submerged in water.
  • The improved charging docks have a silver, circle-shaped magnet
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Up to 7 hours of battery life


  • Affordably priced at $119.99
  • Impressive quality sound while swimming
  • Simple to use power, volume and FF controls
  • 4 GB Storage with 7-hour battery charge
  • Durable design and easy clip to goggles
  • Takes your swim workouts to a new level with your favorite music 


  • Need to convert your music files (MP4) to MP3 then drag & drop them into the Finis Duo icon on your desktop 


The Finis Duo is an excellent training tool that is durable, affordable and will take your swimming to a new level.