Sportslegs is a performance supplement that works by raising blood lactate ahead of time, replicating the natural signal your muscles obey to stop excessive lactic acid production. Your muscles produce only what they need to perform your best. It contains natural-source lactate compounds of calcium and magnesium, balanced with Vitamin D for optimum absorption, in vegetarian capsules.  Sportlegs can boast that it was used to help win five consecutive U.S. Cross-Country mountain bike titles and two consecutive World Masters Time-Trial championships


Sportlegs is 100% natural and allows you to push yourself to new threshold limits.  Frankly, I feel like I am cheating when I take them.

I have done the Matt Furey Hindu squats for years and have maxed out at 475 reps at my best. I had a sample of the SportLegs and wanted to see what they would do for me. As recommended, I took them (4) exactly 1 hour before I worked out. I was amazed and felt like the Lactate Threshold was delayed (maybe even tricked) and I was able to do an incredible 615 reps. The burn was delayed much later than it had occurred in previous maxed out sessions. I went on Vacation in Florida in 2011, but I was unable to do any road/stationary cycling. I substituted it with a High Level Intense Hindi Squat and Pushup Bodyweight Exercises Program for 6 days. Thanks to Sportlegs, I amassed a personal record for me at 8,100 Hindu Squats and 1080 Hindu Pushups in just 6 days. I also feel that my legs don’t get as sore no matter how hard I work out and my recovery was quicker, whether I do bodyweight exercises or intense cycling interval on the bike. As we age, our lactate threshold changes by 1.5 percent just as soreness can intensify. I also felt that because Sportlegs had Magnesium that I have not had any “Charlie Horse” cramps as I get regularly from climb the many Hills of Clermont County Ohio.


  • Pre-loads bloodstream with lactate which effectively raises lactate threshold
  • Contains special natural-source compounds of vitamin D, calcium, and magnesium
  • Can be taken before or after workout to minimize soreness


  • Easily digested 1 hour before workout
  • Very affordable cost to performance ratio for any athlete
  • Works quickly
  • Speeds recovery time


  • Some athletes complain of stomach upset (not the case for me)


The Sportlegs are 100% natural and have no side effects. You only take them as needed for your daily workouts or competition and can be used for any sport. Every athlete should make this a daily supplement for training. You got to give these things a try.