There are times where things are actually truly meant to be and on a mid Sunday morning it was one of those days. I was given the opportunity to meet Jason Smith, one of the Regional Sales Managers of the Perfect Bar company at my local grocery store Kroger’s in Cincinnati Ohio. 

Our meeting was a very genuine, honest and passionate conversation regarding the Perfect Bar company and the family recipe tradition. Jason Smith is a Regional Sales Manager of the family business.  As my younger son right to the point asked me “why would the vested-owner of the company” from California be in our little town Cincinnati on Sunday morning. I said to him well… it’s because he truly wants to see how his customers appreciate and let the people know the quality and wholesomeness of this product to the public.

Last year the Perfect Bar was one of my Favorite Products for 2016 based upon its quality, wholesome ingredients and honesty with nothing artificial. There are of course no GMO’s, soy, artificial sweeteners or flavors and gluten free with just real food ingredients. The bars are only sweetened with organic honey and no refined sugars whatsoever. Each bar has a moderate amount of protein (13 grams) from high quality protein sources which are required for recovery and muscle repair. Hidden in these “As Nature Intended”, bars are over 20 different Superfoods which include many high-powered vegetables in an organic whole food bar.

Jason wanted to see firsthand how Cincinnati taste tested the samples. The Perfect Bar is as it is named and reminds me of something that my mother freshly made as a kid. There are twelve bars to choose from with the peanut butter and fruit & nut being my favorites. Dear Parents, Adults and Athletes, it is the Perfect Bar, you would be missing something that was truly homemade with simple and wholesome ingredients and tastes incredibly well.