Extreme HYDRO-X contains the world’s most premium blend of electrolytes, along with lactate, the body’s natural fuel source. Patented hydration technology, Sustamine™, is added to enhance electrolyte and water absorption in the intestines, stimulate glycogen synthesis (energy) and promote the synthesis (building) of muscle protein to help in the repair and recovery of muscle tissue.


Last year I had the opportunity to try many of the Extreme endurance products. I am glad that they have filled the missing gap with a endurance drink before/during/after training. The Hydro X is a superior blend of electrolytes to optimize muscle function and dehydration prevention. Hydro X has 1,500 mgs. of lactate which is a natural energy source that provides continual energy fueling for the athlete. Lactate helps with decreasing lactic acid, delays the muscle burn and reduces delayed onset muscular soreness. Sustamine is a patented hydration technology that is comprised of 2 dipetides called L-Glutamine and L-Alanine. These two amino acids stimulate glycogen synthesis during training and aid in the recovery by protein synthesis during muscle repair. Additional benefits of the Sustamine is that the intestinal absorption of electrolytes and water are optimized with no digestive problems. Research continually shows the effectiveness of Glutamine for muscle repair and growth after exercise and I see the benefits from delayed onset soreness. The powder mixes quickly and tastes very good. The flavor is limited just to the lemon citrus which is a great marketing choice for me and probably the general public taste buds as well. I used Stevia as a sweetener for years and what a great idea for a natural sweetener as opposed to unknown side effects  of Splenda or NutraSweet. I was able to test the Hydro X during one of my intense interval T-MAX training sessions which are known to cause calf cramping to occur.  Hydro X reduced muscle soreness and speeded my post recovery with no “charlie horses”. Hydro X is a superior energy drink that provides premium electrolytes, superior fuel sources with only natural ingredients which improves performance and recovery.


  • 1500 mg of Lactate
  • Premier Blend of Electrolytes
  • Patented Hydration Technology – Sustamine
  • Energy, Cramping Protection & Recovery
  • Gluten Free
  • No artificial sweeteners only Stevia
  • also contains the amino acids glutamine and Alanine


  • Good tasting with no artificial sweeteners
  • Effective for electrolyte balancing and muscle contraction
  • Increases and sustains Energy during intense physical activity
  • Reduces muscle soreness for improved recovery
  • Easy on stomach and absorbs quickly
  • Affordably priced for $25 ($1 per servings)


  • Only comes in lemon citrus flavor
  • Quickly is used up: wish the container was larger


Hydro X is a superior energy drink that provides premium electrolytes, superior fuel sources with only natural ingredients which improves your performance and recovery.