Eating and drinking beet juice has been an integral part of my overall health and endurance formula for many decades. I was able to demo 6 of the top Beet Root powders for their purity, dosage, flavor, added nutrients and of course the cost. I do feel that the ideal consumption is pure beets without any flavors, additives, sugars/sweeteners as the top two contenders are Love Beets and PureClean as they have no added sugars, flavors and the lowest cost per serving at .33 cents and second best at $1.33.

Beets should be in a naturally sweetened stated with artificial sweeteners especially Xylitol (Beet Root Pro). I am open to Stevia which has minimal effect on blood sugar levels. Black Cherry or Cherry in general seems to be the flavor of choice as this reduced the overall “dirt like” taste as they are a root vegetable. Eating cooked Beets are naturally sweet to the taste but the powder does have a after taste and the Cherry flavors can make it more appealing in your workout drink. I do like the added Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids with the SuperBeets, Beet Root Pro, Beta Red and BeetElite as my 2 first choices are Beta Red Performance and Beet Root Pro with exception to the Xylitol.

The Beet Powders per serving are generally 3 in Love Beets and SuperBeets and 6 in Beet Root Pro and BeetElite (sorry I couldn’t find for PureClean or Beta Red Performance). You could easily save on cost with just reducing the last by half. I fell that 6 beets at one is too much on the overall digestive system especially with exercising at high levels. The most economical is the Love Beets at .33 cents per serving, followed by SuperBeets, PureClean, Beet Root Pro, Beta Red and lastly BeetElite at $1.99 per serving.

My overall top choices are for cost and purity is Love Beets and PureClean with Beta Red a favorite with the natural Flavoring and added Amino Acids for Recovery enhancement.