Controlled water resistance adds a new level of endurance and muscle training to your swim workouts. I was able to demo both the FINIS Drag+Fly and TYR Riptide Drag Chutes to see exactly what the similar features and key differences there were. While both are from two of the top swimming companies, they all have essential and key elements that make them both a necessity for training. The marine quality materials are durable and will last for hundreds of hours while in the water with adjustable resistance mechanism. Here are key differences as the padded waist strap for the FINIS is just a tad more comfortable than the TYR and this is due to the Velcro adjustable strap as opposed to the locking nylon strap mechanism of the TYR. Both collapsible shoots have controlled adjustable resistance, the only difference between the FINIS is that it is zipper controlled and the TYR has a locking cord. Each have an included mesh bag for easily storage and quick drying out post workout. There is a $20 difference between the two, the TYR Riptide is $69 and the FINIS Drag + Fly is $89. I do feel that the $20 difference is one of the bigger price point but the FINIS has the adjustable resistance zipper is in a little bit more comfortable on waist, but it would be your decision if you think that it’s worth the extra $20.