Kettlebell workouts add an entirely new dimension your resistance training with movement that create new muscle activation and joint/ligament stability. I have been able to sample all of the Adjustable Kettlebell and accessory products that are in the they were evaluated cost, durability, design and portability. 

The Highest price are the Mir Pro and PowerBlock at $199 with the Titian Fitness and Weider Powerbell around $100. The KettleClamp is reasonably priced at $150 and the most affordably priced is the Kettle Gryp. Both the Kettle Gryp and KettleClamp, allow you to attach to any dumbbell, giving you a multitude of weight variances for training for a very good price. The majority of the kettlebells are made from either a cast iron, steel or aluminum structure that gives a very large amount of durability and stability. The Kettle Gryp is made from the ABS plastic, highly durable and gives a portability that none of the other ones even come close to. 

Each Kettlebell has four in six weight varieties (Titian, PowerBlock, Weider Powerbell and Mir Pro). By removing the plates or locking pin, allows you to either increase or decrease the weight depending on your preference. The KettleClamp and Gryp with their locking pin or clamp gives you a very high level of stability and security with dumbbells. The Clamp and Gryp have an unlimited amount of weight choices due to designed mechanism which attaches to dumbbells. Each of the Kettlebells had an extra wide handle grip with an either reduced or nonslip coating for security during the swing movements. The portability of the KettleClamp weighing at 7 1/2 pounds does add some weight for travel and gym workouts, but the ideal travel accessory is the Kettle Gryp which gives you complete freedom for all travel, weighing less than only 1 pound.

Kettlebells can be an Integral part of your resistance training and will add a key ingredient your workouts. My go to Kettlebells are the Titian Fitness and Weider PowerBells with the KettleClamp and Gryp being essential items for all levels of travel destinations or Gym workouts with unlimited amount of Kettlebell weights without the high costs.