Well defined Abs are an essential part of a balanced Core which not only incorporates lumbar strength and flexibility but also Abdominal tone, ideal body weight and balance also. I’ve used multiple Ab rollers over the years, but with the recent upgrades in product varieties, I wanted to compare the Top Abdominal Rollers in the Fitness world today. As we compare price, comfort, resistance, stability and multiple uses, there are key features which I feel are essential in your choice of these products. Each have very similar options which include comfort, durability and wide wheel stability for balance. So here are some of the key differences that I found in the Lifeline Power Wheel is the only one that will give you multiple uses which include a different level of lower extremity core training with the ability to use your feet.

There only two rollers that come with a padded knee mat which include the CSX Dual Ab Roller and the Perfect Ab Carver Pro which I think is an added bonus that makes the complete system more comfortable without irritating the knees. While each roller has either one or two wheels which includes the CSX and Valeo Ab roller have two wheels that are in close proximity to each other, but the Lifeline Power Wheel, Speed Abs and Perfect Ab Carver have a very large wheel giving you added stability when using. The angled handles reduce the stress and pressure on the wrist a little easier as the only two that have an angle handle is the Perfect Ab Carver and the Speed Abs by Iron Gym. The padded grips are only a part of the CSX and Lifeline Power Wheel which with multiple sets and reps, it makes it a little bit easier on your hands. The Perfect Ab Carver and Speed Abs are the only two that have a spring-loaded tension mechanism which doesn’t allow you to go out as far as you can and has resistance tension while returning. While I do like the added resistance to some degree, I do feel that over time the long-term durability of the steel spring may wear and/or break.

As for price, the most expensive was the Speed Abs followed by Lifeline Power Wheel and the two most affordable are the CSX Dual and Valeo Ab Roller with molded grip handles. My personal favorite is the Lifeline Power Wheel and the CSX Dual Ab Roller is the best for overall cost and some key features.