Over the last year, swimming has become an essential aspect of my training and overall health. I have been given the opportunity to demo many of the top swimming training gear from the majority of all the swimming companies on the market this past year. As I review and compare them to each other, I have found many similar features that make them very equivalent to each other, but I also have realized the importance of cost, effectiveness and overall performance that will give you a sound decision on your future purchases.

As I glance and review the Top Six, cost is always one of the major reasons that people may hesitate to purchase. The most expensive is the AMEO Powerbreather 2.0 ($136 plus) with the majority of all the other snorkels having a cost between $29 and $35. With swimming, I have found as I have with my training on land, that consistent resistance training has improved the quality and intensity of my workouts but also significantly increased my cardiovascular endurance. Most of the snorkels have resistance cardiovascular caps (1 to 3 levels) which the TYR, and Arena have comparable Cardio’s caps but the AMEO has three caps to choose from while the other two (FINIS and MP Focus) have only 1 cap. The problem with the three is that each Vent level costs $33 which the others cost around $5 which include two different types in that price. The AMEO is quite a bit more expensive but worth the graduated level of resistance training in the long run.

I also feel that having a purge valve is important as sometimes water may get built up in the snorkel. It’s easier to clear out with the purge valve instead of removing. There’s only three models that have the Purge Valve which are the TYR, FINIS and of course the AMEO Powerbreather 2.0 which has a own separate membrane which splits the carbon dioxide from the oxygen never allowing the two to be mixed.

As for the durability and stability, they all are within a very high standard of each other, but I found that the Michael Phelps Focus snorkel started to leak after several weeks of training and didn’t last as long as I expected. Each snorkel has a hydrodynamic design and a center mount snorkel design which adds stability and reduces drag slicing thru the water. The AMEO has a bilateral side breathing apparatus which in my opinion, allows breathing to be more natural and efficient. The Speedo Bullet Head was just a very simple and beginner designed training aid but lacks many of the key essential features I require. ¬†Overall, you can see how they compared to each other with my favorite is of course the AMEO Powerbreather 2.0 with all its extra added features (Triple Resistance Vents) and tied for second are the FINIS and TYR which are an excellent choice for their price, stability, durability and cardiovascular resistance caps.