Over the past year, The Happy Athlete tested and reviewed the most promising new products. Here are our selections for the Top Products of 2013, selected for their quality, reliability and innovative features to improve your athletic performance.

Rapha Chamois CreamRapha Chamois Cream

Rapha Chamois Cream is a rich cycling chamois cream to prevent chafing and hydrate the skin. With a fragrance inspired by the flora around Mont Ventoux, ingredients include moisturizing shea butter as well as rosemary extract to reduce fungal microbes.

I was able to give the Rapha Chamois Cream a fair 2 week trial. The Chamois cream was used up quickly, but very effective for skin protection and healing for the longer 2 plus hour rides. The cooling effect and herbal sent will remind you of riding in a Provence of France.


Castelli Body Paint

Castelli Body Paint 2.0

Castelli takes claim on the best Bibshort ever with the Body Paint 2.0 Bibshort. These shorts are formed from a single piece of seamless fabric for a naturally supportive fit. Just to give you more of an idea of the technicality of these shorts, Castelli engineered the dimples into the fabric to induce flow separation and reduce aerodynamic drag. Think of it as the clothing equivalent for the Zipp rim dimples. That’s just one of the many features included in these shorts. What are you waiting for?

Just like the name says, they feel and look like they are painted on you, so they’ll keep you highly motivated to keep yourself in top shape.


Relaj Water BottleRelaj Water Bottle

The new Relaj water bottle is aerodynamically faster, ergonomically more efficient, and makes hydration a safer, more enjoyable experience – all while keeping liquids cooler longer.

The Relaj water bottle is an electrolyte incredible idea which improves the safety of the rider while he is hydrating. The bottle is easy to clean and disassemble and will keep you hydrated with your favorite Fluid for maximum replenishment.


SHIMANO DURA ACE PD 9000 SPD PEDALS Shimano Dura Ace PD 9000 SPD Pedals

The Shimano carbon-bodied Dura-Ace 7900 pedals were so highly rated that a redesign for an ostensibly better 9000 series pedal was a real challenge for Shimano designers. However, the Shimano Dura-Ace PD-9000 road pedals received a stunning cosmetic upgrade and in fact still guarantee that same reliable and efficient connection between you and the bike. An extra-wide platform that offers maximum power transfer and comfort, while wear-resistant top plates ensure durability.

Shimanos Dura Ace has the reputation and performance that truly speaks for itself. The extra wide platform, perfected engagement and steel durability make these pedals a great choice for the Happy Athlete and many Pros on the circuit today.


Elevation Training Mask

Elevation Training Mask mimics the effects of High Altitude Training. When elite athletes want to improve their performance they go to high altitude levels to train. When they come back to sea level they perform much stronger, faster, and have increased endurance.

The MASK is a highly effective training device that changes your cellular and structural mechanisms. It has improved my athletic performance and health on the road and in the gym. Elevate your training by wearing the MASK.


EFS Liquid ShotEFS Liquid Shot

The EFS Liquid Shot represents the latest collaboration between First Endurance, consumers like you and the most demanding athletes in the world. From the state-of-the-art formula down to the eco-friendly packaging, the EFS Liquid Shot is packed with the latest and greatest from First Endurance. It’s called a liquid shot because it doesn’t contain gelling agents that can slow down absorption and digestion. Features include our exclusive 400-calorie supercharged endurance formula that boasts over 1500mg electrolytes, 1000mg amino acids and 100 grams of simple & complex carbohydrates, all in clinically effective doses.

The EFS Quick Shot has 3 excellent flavors (Kona Mocha) with no bitter after taste that was quickly absorbed and easy on the stomach, even during high level cycling interval training. This natural energy shot is great tasting, easy to find in your back pocket and will keep you on the road for many miles.


ETS Sports SupplementETS Sports Supplement

E.T.S. (Extreme Training Support) is a revolution in the sports supplement industry. E.T.S. uses proven ingredients and is one of the very few truly effective sports supplements for the hard training individual.

It doesn’t matter what your sport of choice whether you are a power lifter, runner or cyclist this supplement just plain works on recovery time, old joint sport injures and impressive strength gains.



Rudy Project Rydon SunglassesRydon Sunglasses

Unifying seamlessly advanced design technology and materials, the RYDON blends cutting-edge ergonomic features with advanced materials (Carbon, Aluminum, Magnesium, Silicium and Titanium) to create a lightweight, versatile, high performance sunglass.

Rudy Project continues to create stylish and performance based sunglasses that truly enhance and don’t impede any aspect of the cycling experience.



Acclaimed as the world’s best, our indoor cycling training videos have high intensity intervals, pro racing and great music. Get the ‘fest and get fast!

Sufferfest has a 100%, no-questions-asked, money-back- guarantee which you’ll never use because these are truly the best motivational, entertaining and high intensity workout that you purchase.


Giro EmpireGiro Empire

Based on the custom shoe developed specifically for Taylor Phinney to race at the 2012 Giro d’ Italia and Olympic Games, the Empire™ has all the smart, hard-pedaling details of a competitive road shoe, with a classic laced closure.

The Giro Empire is a combination of your old laced shoes with every advance in material and technology. The power transfer is superior with a balanced fit and arch performance enhancement to keep you on the road and optimizing every watt you are capable of.


Giro Air AttackGiro Air Attack

Our first Air Attack™ was a revelation in styling and performance for all types of riding. Inspired by the original, the new Air Attack™ Shield delivers a dose of free speed. Its compact, lightweight and super-aerodynamic design slices through air to deliver a hyper-efficient ride.

Giro Air Attack is the fastest and lightest helmet I used this year (and most stylish). It makes me feel faster and is aerodynamically designed to maximize air flow, comfort and eye protection all at the same time.


Extreme EnduranceExtreme Endurance

Extreme Endurance is a revolutionary athletic performance formula created by athletes for athletes. This formula has a Published, Gold-Standard, third party, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study backing up claims of 15% reduction in lactic acid and a double digit increase in aerobic threshold. Many companies make claims on individual ingredients but Extreme Endurance has a published study on the formula itself.

Each batch of Extreme Endurance is tested to ensure that it is not contaminated with banned substances to provide additional reassurance for elite athletes.

Extreme Endurance just works to improve your athletic performance and has the science and clinical studies to prove its effectiveness and safety.


HYDRO-XExtreme Endurance Hydro-X

Extreme HYDRO-X contains the world’s most premium blend of electrolytes, along with lactate, the body’s natural fuel source. Patented hydration technology, Sustamine™, is added to enhance electrolyte and water absorption in the intestines, stimulate glycogen synthesis (energy) and promote the synthesis (building) of muscle protein to help in the repair and recovery of muscle tissue.

HYDRO-X is a superior energy drink that provides premium electrolytes, superior fuel sources with only natural ingredients which improves your performance and recovery.


Selle Italia SLR SuperflowSelle Italia SLR Superflow

Selle SLR Superflow, featuring a wide central pressure relief cut out is the result of the most scientific studies concerning the dynamics of how the human body rests on the saddle.  Slr Superflow, thanks to its central cut out correctly localizes the pressure of the ischial bones and completely void the pressure on the saddle in the central and frontal areas.

The Super Flow is an incredible piece of necessary equipment that number one optimizes blood flow, reduces nerve compression and flex with each movement of the pelvis giving you incredible performance and protection at the same time.


Osmo RecoveryOsmo Recovery

Olympic medalists, Tour de France riders, and pro triathletes know hydration is critical to top performance. That’s why they’ve replaced their sponsors’ drinks with Dr. Stacy Sims’ hydration formulas for years. Osmo Active brings the benefits of Stacy’s hydration science to everyone.

Osmo Nutrition has products that are specifically designed to preload, hydrate and recover are your workouts. They all have the necessary nutrients to improve performance, maximize energy levels and maximize recovery during workouts and post training. The quality ingredients with the science behind the ratios will vastly improve your workouts and recovery times.


Pearl Izumi Octane SL IIIPearl Izumi Octane SL III

The Octane SL III confirms the axiom that less is more. The feather-light and ultra stiff Octane Carbon 1:1 Power Plate provides optimal pedaling power and efficiency while the minimalist design of our 1:1 Anatomic Upper delivers the finest in fit and comfort.

These Octane’s were well worth the cost of $350.  The superior lightweight, comfort and interfaced connection between the rider/bike is the best I’ve used this year. These Pearl Izumi Octane SL III will be your only shoes you’ll need this year.


ASSOS SkinFoilASSOS SkinFoil

The NEW generation of ASSOS body Insulators replaces the interactive series. It’s a complete construction platform change. No more preShaped panels. Instead, we opted for seamless, tubular construction

The SkinFoil shirt is a second layer of clothing, but you will feel a big difference in your performance and temperature with no restriction and total comfort from wearing the base layer.



Congratulations to the makers of our Top Products of 2013! We’re looking forward to testing and reviewing the most promising new products for you in 2014. Follow The Happy Athlete on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about how you can maximize your training and performance in the new year.