Over the past year, The Happy Athlete tested and reviewed the most promising new products. Here are our selections for our Favorite Products of 2016, selected for their quality, reliability and innovative features to improve your health and athletic performance.


One Drink, Infinit Possibilities. Infinit Nutrition specializes in all natural all in one nutrition for the endurance athlete that are customized to your needs. Infinit Nutrition is an excellent all-natural preset or individual customized formula that optimize digestion and nutrient absorption that truly improves your performance and recovery on and off the bike.


th0fezknt6AFTER contains the highest quality whey protein isolate, creatine monohydrate, and Leucine/Time-Release Leucine. The combination of these ingredients delivers the precise signal to your body to repair, recover, and adapt as soon as you ingest AFTER. It does not stop there, though. The Time-Release Leucine delivers that signal AGAIN about two hours later. Classified Nutrition After is a superior scientifically based recovery formula which will increase muscle strength, decrease recovery and can improve the quality of lean body fat mass.



It’s not about treating the Muscle, It’s about treating the Nerve. The beverage codenamed HotShot is a scientifically proven and effective formula for preventing muscle cramps that is naturally flavored with no artificial sweeteners in convenient dose bottle.


gnr-feast-choGnarly® Feast brought together 21 grams of New Zealand Whey Protein, our Gnarly® Whole Food and Fiber Blend, and Gnarly® Adaptogen and Immune Boosting Blend. Creating a full meal on the go or allowing you to add additional macros to a meal. Gnarly® Feast is perfect for a snack or great in the evening to keep your body fed. Overall, Gnarly Feast is an excellent meal replacement, additive to cereal or smoothie that gives you 100% of your daily vitamins and minerals, high levels of bodybuilding proteins and essential fiber for diet with nothing artificial.


PERFECT BARperfect-foods-bar-peanut-butter-25-ounce-pack-of-8-0

Perfect Bar is the perfect bar if you crave smooth, delicious, all natural, incredibly nutritious, freshly ground peanut or almond butter. We sweeten that to perfection with just enough organic honey, add high quality protein and 20 organic superfoods and use Mother Nature’s preservative, cold, to keep it tasting like we just made it. The Perfect Bar is exactly as its name embraces these bars are whole nutrient foods with nothing artificial, great tasting and packed with over 20 Different Organic Superfoods making them great and not just good for you



cooling-chamois-creamThe Ritual’s combination of natural nut butters, wax and vegetable oils allows this chamois cream to not only be naturally absorbed by your skin, but it also provides a strong layer between that delicate skin and your saddle, protecting you from both friction and sweat. The Ritual Cool chamois cream is a 100% natural formula that will prevent saddle sores, chafing and keep you on the road for many miles for a great price



Recon Jet is a powerful wearable computer with smartphone-class hardware, a comprehensive sensor suite, and extensive connectivity nexusae0_recon-jet_blackfeatures. Its Android-based operating system and open SDK allow developers to create apps for any activity where information, relayed directly to the user’s eye, changes the game. The most impressive thing I like about the Recon Jet is that is easy to use, works with all Bluetooth and Ant+ sensors and power meters and just works. The Recon Jet has minimal set up time (slight learning operation curve) with consistency of the performance data which is consistent with the cycling computer readings which give you the ability to focus on your workout at a reasonable price



Visualize your pedaling with a powerful high-data cycling computer Data on power (left & right independently), pedaling efficiency, pedaling graphs; ANT+™ standard speed sensor, heart rate monitor, and more. Pioneer SGX-CA900 is the premier cycling computer that is precise, incredibly detailed and robust color touch screen on the market.



Technology you can wear. Experience the difference next-gen silicone taping and Gastrex compression can make on your recovery, injury stabilization and athletic performance. It is my opinion that Enerskin is one of the most valuable tools any type of athlete can have as a part of his regular training uniform not only to protect his/her muscles, joints and ligaments but to improve recovery, increase blood flow and enhance natural movement through garment technology of silicone taping. Is one of my Top products for 2016 and I look forward to using it continuously in the near future.


large_94856_20160705094957The Worlds number 1 HD camera and light combinations that captures high quality footage from the front and connects to Cycliq Plus App to edit and share footage including Strava integration. The Cycliq Fly 12 is an excellent camera/light combination with 1080 HD quality, Strava metric integration, several safety features that is easy to use and highly durable in all-weather climates. It is one of my Top Products for 2016.


Finally, a power meter that doesn’t mess up your bike and empty out your wallet. The PowerPod is an excellent, affordable, accurate power meter that is simple to install and use and is one of my Top products for 2016.



Adaptaelsar-800x600-600x352ble, lightweight and strong, and with the latest Quarq technology, ELSA R packs a four-pronged punch to elevate bike and rider performance. The Quarq Elsa R has advanced accuracy, superior material and reliable technology. You won’t need another power meter in the near future.



The Ultimate wheelset for the multipurpose rider with the strength of a training wheel and the speed of a race wheel. The G3 hub for precise and accurate measurements that anything more accurate would be owned by the military.    The Wheelset costs over $2,000 but are well worth it in the long run as you won’t need another training or racing wheel.  



th70o2cv21Get fit in style with a smart fitness watch built with revolutionary features like PurePulse™ heart rate, Connected GPS, on-screen workouts and more. The Fitbit Blaze is an excellent, affordable, multi-sport, 24/7 activity tracker you can wear while working out or at the office


WICKWERKS SENTINELwickwerks-sentinel-dual-sided-chainguide-for-2x-road-bike-drivetrains-4-600x534

A dual-sided chain catcher for road bikes with braze-on mounted front derailleurs.  The solution for precision chain control with adjustability both inside and outside to fit any road ring spacing, and can be adjusted without affecting front derailleur position. The Wickwerks Sentinel is an essential gear for any athlete (road or mountain) that eliminates the stress of any chain malfunction or mishap



thxaphg6lyThe Wahoo Fitness Elemnt GPS Bike Computer uses the intuitive interface of your iPhone or iPad to seamlessly sync with all of your cycling platforms. Simple to navigate, the free companion app lets you configure workout pages using your Apple iOS device. Set up your data fields, customize profiles, track performance, and effortlessly share ride data. Wahoo Elemnt GPS is a highly responsive, fully integrated and customized cycling computer that will give you any metric and GPS coordinates that you desire for a reasonable price.



Ember, provides access to your hemoglobin and pulse rate – two of the most sought after indicators for performance and race reth7drylvs1adiness. Let Ember spark your passion for useful data to find your potential. Ember by Cercacor easily and consistently gives you changes in hemoglobin levels that optimize your performance, improve your health, and help competition preparation without having an invasive blood test .



Motion is Life. Withings Activité Steel is a game changer that combines time and activity tracking. Withings Activité Steel is an excellent fitness tracker and professional watch combined that is reasonably priced that you can wear 24/7.


MARC PROtht8wg7lzw

The Marc Pro is intended for muscle conditioning by stimulating muscle in order to improve or facilitate muscle performance. The Marc Pro is a superior post recovery device which is essential to optimize my recovery and a Top Product of 2016


size1-s-works-6-road-schoenen-wit-image1-4712The advantages of the next generation S-Works 6 shoe can be summed up in two simple phrases—explosive speed and superior comfort. Specialized S Works 6 shoes are the most comfortable and power efficient shoes that I’ve used in 2016 and are a Top Product of the year.