In a market inundated with uncomfortable and awkward heart rate monitor chest straps and basic activity trackers, there is only one product that sits on top. Using the advanced Spree POD, the Spree SmartCap gives you an accurate heart rate reading in a simple, comfortable hat.


After years of compressive Heart rate straps an innovative idea to put one under your hat finally came about. The Spree SmartCap integrates technology and comfort with simplicity of just wearing a hat. The Spree POD is a very sturdy, rubber coated and waterproof design. The POD is charged from a USB micro charging port. The sensor light is red when charging/low and green flashing when fully charged which charged in about 2-3 hours. The Spree pod fits in the front silicone part of the cap and transmits data wirelessly via Bluetooth LE to your smartphone. The material of the cap is durable and hand washable and provides 30 UV protection for my genetically follicle deficient hair line. Placement of the cap can be tricky to reliable Heart rate reading was testy at times, but it was okay once I figured it out. The Pod is waterproof, but was not recommended to immerse in water just sweat. The Spree fitness App measures Heart Rate, Temperature, Movement and calories Burned and gives you several activity choices to choose. The Spree is compatible with many fitness Apps in the Android and Apple Store. The Spree Fitness App has an innovative battery reducing consumption mechanism to reduce the draining of your battery. The Spree SmartCap is an innovative Fitness monitoring device without the HR Strap. It is a great way to track your heart rate and moveement thru your smartphone.


  • Measures Heart Rate, Temperature, Movement and calories Burned
  • Spree Headband, SmartCap, wireless Performance Optimization Device or POD (fitness monitor), micro USB charging cable and Quick Start Guide included
  • No Hassle Heart rate monitoring under your Hat
  • Provides real-time GPS route mapping
  • Seamless synchronization via Bluetooth LE
  • Waterproof Spree POD
  • Free Spree Fitness iPhone and Android App download
  • SmartCap UV protection of 30
  • Compatible with many fitness Apps
  • Multiple Colors of caps to choose from
  • Reduced battery consumption from innovative App technology


  • Incredibly comfortable Heart Rate from the SmartCap
  • Measures Heart rate, Calories, Temperature and distance with no strap or hassle
  • Works with many Fitness Apps
  • Real time GPS tracking
  • Automatic Synchronization of data to your Phone


  • More advanced analysis of workout graph recommended
  • Real time measurements on smartphone would be appreciated
  • Bluetooth connection needs to be more consistently reliable
  • Wasn’t able to see temperature in the graph analysis


The Spree SmartCap is an innovative Fitness monitoring device without the HR Strap. It is a great way to track your heart rate and movement thru your smartphone.