The Pyle Flextreme MP3 Sports Headphones provide you with waterproof sound & style! Play all of your favorite songs with submergible marine grade construction with Built-in 4GB memory  


Listening to music has taken my swimming to whole new level not only changing the intensity given me the ability to increase my workout time due to lack of boredom. I was given the opportunity to demo the Pyle Flextreme. The Pyle Flextreme worked immediately when I jumped  in the water. There are several key features that separate the Pyle from the previously Finis Duo not only the simplicity, made to fit design but the earbuds that are placed in the ear removing the need for earplugs. The unit holds 4 GB of my favorite songs up to somewhere around 1000 and has an easy drag and drop feature that allows you to move your music into the folder. The Pyle is made to fit all varieties of head shapes and is bendable, adjustable and flexible all at the same time. There is a Marine Grade Submergible waterproof construction with a Grade IPX8 rating.  The my only technical issue was with the transfer of the MP4 to MP3 file but once I figure that out (YouTube video from tech support) everything from that point was seamless. The rechargeable built-in battery lasts around 10 hours and takes somewhere around a 1 ½ hour plus to fully charge the unit. The Flextreme is easy to operate with simple One Touch controls for volume and fast-forward of the songs. The sound itself is very crystal clear and gives you full control of your style of music, audiobook or podcast. The Pyle Flextreme Waterproof MP3 is a necessary technology while swimming that is durable, simple to use and will make you want to get in the water. 


  • Marine Grade Submergible Waterproof Construction
  • Made to Fit: Bendable, Adjustable, Flexible and Comfortable Non-Interfering Headphones
  • Built-in 4 GB Flash Memory
  • Simple Touch Button Controls
  • USB Quick Connect Clip: Combination Charging & Data Transfer Cable
  • Easy ‘Drag & Drop’ Audio Music File Management
  • Universal Size for All Head Shapes with Flexible Wrap-Around Style Perfect for Sports
  • Designed for Swimming, Running, Fitness, Exercise – Includes Replacement Earbuds (for Land & Water)


  • Affordably priced at $109
  • Simple to drag and drop your favorite music
  • Serves 2 functions: ear plugs and MP3 Headphones
  • Durable, flexible and Marine Grade waterproof protection
  • Holds over 1000 songs
  • Multi-sport functionality for land and water 


  • None 


The Pyle Flextreme MP3 is a necessary technology while swimming that is durable, simple to use and will make you want to get in the water.