Using the TrainingMask 3.0® will unlock your untapped fitness and athletic capacity. Variable load air flow powered by NXT FORC3® gives you access to limitless variety in your workouts at the turn of a dial. 


The Elevation Training Mask 3.0 has been one of my most Anticipated products for 2017. The 2.0 Training Mask has been a key element and essential gear in my training and performance for the last five years. My excitement for the enhanced features, simplified intensity levels mechanism with a more comfortable and durable mask is what the 3.0 is all about. The upgraded version 3.0 allows you to increase the six intensity level option workout by just turning the dial. This allows the intensity to be dialed up or down without replacing any the caps in the previous version. I feel that the Flux Force Pressure Valve has to be more ease breathing mechanism and keeps the pressure consistent even at the higher elevation simulations. The nylon polymer sleeve is durable, lightweight and extremely washable for hundreds of uses. The 3.0 design has the NXT Forc3 platform which through the overmolded construction and the proprietary airtight construction mechanism allowing the unit to consistently function with pressure anchoring without any issues. As I’ve seen through my long term own use of the 2.0, Simulated Elevation training will take your workouts to the next level by not only forcing your system to work harder, increasing accessory muscle use and having adaptive changes that occur in human physiology by this overloaded mechanism. The 3.0 Mask can be used for all types of sports to not only improve the quality of your workouts, the reducing the quantity time by dialing up intensity. The 3.0 is affordably priced at only $89.00 for unrivaled performance, quality and safety design.  Best thing about this 3.0 is handmade and crafted in the USA. The ETM 3.0 is a superior training tool that simplifies altitude training with a more durable, ease-of-use elevation mechanism that will truly take your training to the next level. 


  • Patented air flow NXT Forc3 platform
  • 6 workout intensity levels at the turn of a dial
  • Flux Force pressure valve stabilizes mask pressure to ensure smooth and even breathing muscle loading
  • Overmolded construction with proprietary air tight anchoring between rubber elastomer and NXT Forc3 platform
  • Unrivaled performance, quality and safety design
  • Quad Layer CryoActiv® Performance Sleeve comprised of a Nylon polymer designed to be light, comfortable and cooling even during the hottest of temps
  • Precision crafted and made in the USA


  • Affordably priced at $89.99
  • Comfortable and is easily adjusted for all types of athletic training
  • Dial up your simulated elevation to improve your breathing ability, endurance, training Intensity and performance
  • 6 levels of simplified simulation training adjustments


  • Nothing except your training will never be the same again 


The ETM 3.0 is a superior training tool that simplifies altitude training with a more durable, ease-of-use elevation mechanism that will truly take your training to the next level.