Monthly Mental Mileage is a quick summary of what’s new at The Happy It’s an easy way for you to stay up to date on current Research projects, completed demo reviews, plus the nutritional supplements and athletic products we’re currently testing.

Product reviews completed 

Demo testing in progress

Watch for reviews of these products soon:

  • CycleOps Hammer
  • Power2Max NG
  • FINIS Strike Goggles
  • Mad Wave Drag Chute
  • IsoPure Protein Zero Carb
  • Blackburn Fluid Trainer
  • DJI Mavic Air
  • Cronos Cycling Shoes
  • ORCA Killa and 180 Goggles
  • PowerBeat PowerMeter
  • ROKA Elite II Buoyancy Short
  • CycleOps Magnus
  • BlackBurn Raceday Portable Trainer
  • Leomo Type R
  • Stages DASH

Product Comparsions

This is my new addition to THA and I compare different features, costs and benefits of many of my Top and Favorite products.

That’s it for this month. Spring training has begin and looking forward to my transition to outside training. Check back during May for all the latest updates.