This ongoing format to The Happy is called Monthly Mental Mileage. I will review the current Research projects, completed demo reviews, nutritional supplements and athletic products that we’re currently testing at this time.

Product Reviews completed Dioxyme New Zealand Whey, Infinit Nutrition TripWire, pureWOD Build, Styrd, Ascent Native Fuel Micellar Casein, PowerBlock Kettlebell, Stinger Waffle, Dioxyme 6.3.3 BCAA, Nike Metcom 3, F2C Rehab 3.1, GoMacro and Gaspari Precision Protein.

Demo testing the Bont Vaypor+, Quarq DZero, Mio Slice Pai, Air Relax, Ameo PowerBreather, Elf Emmit, SuperBeets, Dioxyme MPO, SIDI Shot cycling shoes, Halo Sport, X-Bionic Effektor Power Bibs, Infinite Nutrition RAW, SKINS DNAmic bibs, and Arofly.

That’s it for the month and looking forward several interviews with Compex, HALO, Ameo and Elevation Training MASK.