This is my newest feature called “Whats in my Gym Bags”. This is a ongoing monthly segment which will highlight my current products, clothing, gear, technologies and nutritional supplements that I will be using at the Crunch Fitness, THA basement Cave, Virtual pavement and Beechmont RacquetBall Club pool. While in general, I’ll have my Go To/Essential products, there will be there many upcoming and new demos that are regularly included and added to my training program. Thanks to MTS Nutrition and TYR for the convenient land and water gym bags.

Here is my Essential Gym Gear

What I’m Currently using at the Gym 

  • MTS Nutrition CreaPure
  • Xterra Velocity Goggles
  • Cloud X
  • Q36.5 Baselayer
  • Louis Garneau Course AirLite I
  • Belt Squat Belt
  • Speedo Speed Socket 2.0 Goggles
  • Earthquake bar

That’s it for training this month on land, pavement and in the water. Check back regularly during November for all the latest additions and product review updates.