Watteam gets you into power-based training. Leveraging the same proven technology, POWERBEAT™ Single is the most affordable single-leg power meter. Now, any cyclist can now benefit from accurate left leg power measurements during training. Our mission to bring power to the people with the most affordable pro-level power meter has now been delivered. 


I was given the opportunity to demo the Watteam Powerbeat G2 system. Watteam headquarters is in California and their passion is through proven technology, accurate readings… all for a superior price that improves the performance of the athlete. The Watteam Powerbeat is an incredibly accurate and impressively affordable single at $259 and dual unit for less than $400. This price point is far beyond anything on the market today and with its impressive accuracy of ±1.5%, it will give the top power meters a run for their money. The Powerbeat system provides Single and Dual unit dynamic measurements like balance, torque efficiency, pedal smoothness and cadence. The system communicates via Ant + or Bluetooth smart technology. While the charging connection and sensors are through a pin with only two hours of a full recharge, you are able to get impressive 60 hours of usage without any battery replacement. The system is very durable through a multitude of environmental conditions and is IP67 certified waterproof. Calibration is quite different than what I’m used to, but with the simple Watteam App instruction, calibration with the water jugs attached to the pedal is simple accurate and takes only a few minutes. The mechanical sensor and processing comp weigh a mere 21 grams (Bite of an Apple) when attached to the crank arm, which adds little to no weight to the bike. As for the installation, this was done through my local bike shop (Beechmont Montgomery Cyclery). This does require some simple basic technical skills, there is an instruction video that does require some tools in gluing but only takes around 30 minutes from beginning to end and 24 hours for the glue to set on the crank. One of the best parts about the system is the Powerbeat Live app. This is a step-by-step installation along with firmware updates, battery levels, zero offsets, calibration and a few other things. The App is available through most smart phones mobile iOS and android. While the unit is off the pedal and crank, I do feel that the durability still excellent and has some added protection not being either the chainring, wheel or within crank arm system. The Watteam PowerBeat G2 is a highly accurate, lightweight and that will give all levels of cyclists the ability to improve their performance for an unbeatable price 


  • Available PowerBeat Single (single-sided), Dual (dual-sided) or 2-Pack (two full Dual Units)
  • Lightweight and easy to install, the mechanical sensor and its processing comp unit weigh less than 21 grams when attached to the crank arm
  • Ant+ and Bluetooth Smart Communication
  • Provides all cycling dynamics and metrics including power, cadence, efficiency and smoothness
  • Direct Power measurement with ± 1.5% accuracy
  • All the necessary tools included in the box, with the exception of the Allen key or wrench necessary for removing the pedals
  • No need for factory calibration or service centers – everything from installation to calibration and firmware updates is done through the user-friendly PowerBeat app
  • Durable enough to sustain dust and harsh weather conditions; it even has a built-in temperature compensation mechanism, so the power figures remain consistent regardless of the weather
  • Industry’s first ecological battery – comes equipped with a charger and the battery lasts about 60 hours 


  • Affordable Single Unit at $259 and Dual at $399
  • Available for smartphones running iOS or Android
  • Highly accurate within plus or -1.5%
  • Durable and temperature resistant during all levels of environmental changes and terrains
  • Lightweight weighing less than 21 grams
  • PowerBeat Live provides firmware updates, battery status, Calibration zero offsets diagnostics 


  • Requires some basic installation with glue to the Crank but with the affordability, it is well worth the extra time/effort 


The Watteam PowerBeat G2 is a highly accurate, lightweight and that will give all levels of cyclists the ability to improve their performance for an unbeatable price