The ultimate in power, accuracy and responsiveness tuned for the most demanding cyclist. Tuned for the Most demanding of Cyclists 


It has been about three years since my last Wahoo KICKR experience and was nothing less than I expected, the newly updated kicker far exceeded my expectations. I was able to give the KICKR an on-site demo thru a Wahoo Experience Station at my local TREK store in Northern Kentucky, that had a virtual Zwift. I demoed and tested all my available Wahoo Products including the TICKR, Blue SC, Elemnt Bolt, iPad Pro (TrainerRoad, Cycleops Virtual Trainer/Rouvy and Zwift) that effortlessly paired/linked with all products I bring to the table. The new KICKR delivers an improved experience than before. The KICKR is able to pair with the new CLIMB so you can experience for the sense in the sense well on any virtual training course (stay tuned for early this spring). The larger flywheel allows for improved responsiveness and replication of riding on the road with new algorithms to improve that experience. The KICKR features additional compatibility with 12×142/ 148 axles for disc brakes. There is an upgraded construction for no movement whatsoever even when fully engaging/standing with both legs. The KICKR has accurate power management +/- 2% and is capable of generating up to 2000 Watts of power. As I expected, it has the widest ranges of wireless devices with all Bluetooth smart, Ant+ and Ant+ FE-C wireless control and data transfer devices. While Wahoo Fitness has it has its own app, it is compatible with all popular training software/platforms, as I currently use Zwift, Sufferfest, TrainerRoad and Rouvy most of the time. While the cost is around $1200, the accurately and realistic the road experience, ride on any continent, in the comfort of your own home is well worth the price. The Wahoo KICKR is a superior smart trainer that provides the most realistic experience anywhere in the world with effortless set up and unmatched construction/durability for thousands of miles. 


  • KICKR has been updated to be compatible with 12×142 thru-axle, 12×148 thru-axle and 130mm and 135mm Quick Release
  • Pairing the new KICKR with KICKR CLIMB will allow you to experience physical ascents and descents while riding along with virtual courses and performing structured workouts
  • Load Today’s Plan and TrainingPeaks workouts onto ELEMNT or ELEMNT Bolt bike computers and pair with KICKR to get the most out of your structured workouts including climbing and sprinting workouts designed by Team Sky
  • Get the realistic feel of sprints, hill climbs (up to a 20-degree incline) and intervals right from your living room, with acceleration and deceleration that feels like you’re right on the road
  • Featuring electromagnetic resistance, the built-tough steel design means this powerhouse stays put as you ride with force and intent
  • Most accurate power measurement of +/- 2% as you crank out up to 2000 watts
  • LED indicator lights signify that KICKR is powered up and ready to burn some miles
  • Fully compatible with Wahoo Fitness, TrainerRoad, Zwift, Rouvy, Veloreality, PeriPedal, VeloTrainer, Virtual Training and Kinomap Trainer using Bluetooth Smart, ANT+ and FE-C connectivity
  • Get speed, distance, power and cadence; Wahoo KICKR supports 3rd party power meters (includes RPM Cadence Pod)


  • Reasonably priced at $1,199
  • Superior construction and design for maximum stability and durability
  • Compatible with all Fitness Programs (Zwift, Sufferfest, TrainerRoad, Rouvy)
  • Works with Bluetooth, Ant+ and Ant FE-C technologies
  • Realist Road feel with updated algorithms and CLIMB elevation experience
  • Unparalleled accuracy at +/- 2% up to 2000 watts 


  • None 


The Wahoo KICKR is a superior smart trainer that provides the most realistic experience anywhere in the world with effortless set up and unmatched construction/durability for thousands of miles.