Created in collaboration with the best minds in cycling aerodynamics, ELEMNT BOLT offers the power and simplicity that originated with ELEMNT in a race worthy design proven to shave seconds off finish times. 


With my first introduction with the TICKR years ago, being a Wahooligan has been a standard aspect of my training technology. Wahoo products just work right out of the box and require very minimal to no set up. There seamless integration is truly appreciated. The Bolt has a slightly smaller 2.2-inch screen than its bigger brother ELEMENT (2.7) with a lot more features to offer.  The display was easy to read eve in multiple environmental changes. The GPS integration is impressive with a turn by turn navigation and wireless route downloads. The 3 tactile and east to press buttons are simple to toggle, navigate and set your custom metric fields, text/phone alerts and KICKR controls with of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 curated data fields and 170+ data fields to configure your personalized preference screens. Seamless synchronization thru ANT+, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi to your all your 3rd party apps. Pair with all your power, cadence/speed, heart sensors, Oxygen and KICKR/SNAP trainers. The Bolt also controls non-Wahoo Smart Trainers that are equipped with ANT+ FE-C. Wahoo’s companion app automates configuring, pair and customization of all your data. The unit was specifically designed to reduce air resistance at 50% less and increase speed (12.6 seconds) on the pavement thru time tested aerodynamic properties. The USB rechargeable battery gives you up to 15 hours of battery life. The Bolt features programmable LED indicators to monitor your peformance and stay connected with just a glance. The Elemnt Bolt is an excellent cycling and GPS computer that is affordably priced with optimized design, integration and simple to set for the ideal metric dashboard experience. 


  • Download, pair, configure and ride! Wahoo’s companion app automates pairing and Manages the configuration process for fast, frustration free setup
  • Automatic route downloads and uploads when sync’d with compatible third-party apps (Strava, ride with GPS, best bike Split, Komodo, more)
  • Crisp, 2.2″ Daybright display makes it easy to view performance metrics at a glance in high-glare and low-light conditions
  • With Elemnt app, enter any destination, address, point of interest to get a route optimized for cycling with turn-by-turn nave cues on demand
  • Accessible, easy-to-press front buttons enable users to toggle between Workout, Climb, Map, Live Track, Text/Phone Alerts and KICKR control
  • Sync, acquire and push data via ANT+, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. No need to tether up to your laptop to sync ride data, download maps, or update software
  • Perfect View side buttons enable users to toggle between views of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 curated data fields. Choose from 170+ data fields to configure screens
  • Over 50% less drag [air resistance] and saves riders approximately 1.5 Watts


  • Affordably prices at $249
  • Simple to setup with the “Out of the Box”readiness
  • Fully customize your cycling metrics with 2 to 10 data fields options
  • Seamless pairing with Ant+/Bluetooth technology, 3rd part App integration and Social updates
  • Robust GPS with take me anywhere experience
  • Designed to improve your athletic performance
  • Control and program your KICKR for maximum “Shut Up Legs” Intensity 


  • None 


The Elemnt Bolt is an excellent cycling and GPS computer that is affordably priced with optimized design, integration and simple to set for the ideal metric dashboard experience.