RC9 is the pinnacle of road competition footwear for long distance, comfort and efficiency. 


I have been waiting patiently to demo and give the Shimano S-Phyre RC9 cycle shoes a true test of their comfort, durability and performance. These shoes are easily one of my favorites for 2017 and truly designed for every level of performance and comfort you could ask for. The Shimano S-Phyre RC9 are my first in line of several Shimano (RC7, PD-R8000 pedals and Di2) products but I thought I’d start with their top-of-the-line cycling shoe. The Carbon Sole which has a superior transfer of power from the foot to the pedal with the unified carbon Sole composite and plate that is lightweight, stiff and maximizes performance. The heel cup is externally curved to suppress and reduce all movement of the foot in all directions which increases the transfer of power while pedaling. There is a high level of integrated temperature control with the combined air intake and exhaust system thru breathable natural leather Gore Tex and ultralight hollow outsole channeling system. There are two independent BOA IP1 dials that allow a customized and precise micro adjustment for the ideal fit at any time. There is a Cushion insole that reduces shock absorption and arch support during peddling. The shoe is made of a lightweight, synthetic microfiber that is supple stretch resistant and highly durable in all weather conditions. Custom fit arch insoles reduce injury, support multiple arch biomechanics which improves overall performance. S-Phyre RC9 are expensive at over $400 but I truly believe they are worth the high-level of research and development make these shoes a superior level of durability, comfort and performance for the athlete. The Shimano S-Phyre RC9 are a high-performance cycling shoe that optimizes power transfer, efficiency and comfort and are among the top cycling shoes I’ve tested. 


  • Unified sole and upper construction sets a new level of fit, pedaling stability, rigidity and weight reduction
  • Close to foot last shape with a narrow bottom, rounded heel and slim toe box
  • Wide range fit adjustability accommodates various shapes of feet
  • Dual independent Boa IP1 dials allow quick and precise micro-adjustment
  • Quick dry 3D mesh controls humidity
  • Built in drainage holes for rainy conditions
  • Optimum linkage of air flow between upper, insole and outsole
  • Durable high-density foam
  • Curved cup insole with adaptable arch pads optimizes lateral angle of heel bone
  • Silvadur™ Intelligent Freshness keep insoles fresher longer


  • Lightweight rigid carbon fiber composite sole for maximized power transfer
  • 2 Micro tension BOA adjustments for ideal customized precise fit
  • Perforated synthetic leather upper for superior fit and temperature regulation
  • Adaptable Cup Insole that reduces movement and increases power 


  • None except the price ($425 plus ) but these are truly worth the expense
  • The Upper BOA strap wire could be a problem with durability as it can be removed from it attachment 


The Shimano S-Phyre RC9 are a high-performance cycling shoe that optimizes power transfer, efficiency, comfort and are among the top cycling shoes I’ve tested.