The SCOTT Road Premium shoe is perfect for performance oriented riders with an eye for the long ride ahead. An HMF carbon fiber outsole provides the platform for an overlapping canopy upper, rendered in welded microfiber and textile. The Boa® IP-1 dial is paired with a Velcro toe strap for superior tuning of the fit. This combination of material and fit features is meant to take you farther up the road than ever before. 


This is my first experience in the Scott cycling product line. While Scott has been on my radar for quite some time, I was excited in trying the Scott Premium racing shoe. The shoe truly fits like a glove and the Wrap Fit design confirms to your anatomical makeup just like a second layer of skin. The Premium is constructed via two layers a structural and a Accu form butted seams. These seams allow for a molding (Tempurpedic) of the foot that reduces any pressure points on your anatomy. The shoe is supported with a very durable and forgiving synthetic leather. The Adjustable ErgoLogic insole allows for customization for your specific arch system. I found that a proper arch reduces wear and repetitive injuries on the foot and optimizes power transfer. The footbed of the adjustable ErgoLogic insole has a metatarsal pad and an arch support system which customizes to individual geometry maximizing wattage when hammering down on the pedals. The outsole marries both comfort and efficiency all in one with Power Zone and Axial flex to reduce pressure on the knees/ankles not only to reduce the wear and tear but to produce ideal biomechanics in the lower extremities. The carbon sole maximizes power transfer with a stiffness index of 9 via the 10-ply layup of the Linear high modulus carbon. The Boa IP-1 system has a micro adjustment for a fully customized fit and a Velcro instep to increase comfort and reduce numbing in the toe box. The foot is easily aligned with the Anatomic Centering strap decreases any stress points on the top of the foot. My only suggestion is other color options as it only comes in one matt/gloss grey color. The Scott Road Premium shoe is reasonably priced at $350 and comparative to all high-end cycling shoes on the market today. The Scott Premium cycling shoe is a high-performance and reasonably priced with an excellent customizable fit and superior power transfer. 


  • Wrap Fit is designed with a Structural layer of synthetic leather which conforms the foot like a second skin
  • Racing Fit features smaller volume and a slim fit
  • Adjustable ErgoLogic insole system allows you to customize your insoles
  • Power Zone Outsole integrates maximum comfort and efficiency via the outsole
  • The Boa IP-1 System delivers closure and adjustment solutions purpose-built for performance
  • The Anatomic Centering Strap automatically aligns the top strap with the instep of the foot
  • Outsole is comprised of a linear modulus HMX Carbon with a Stiffness Index 9


  • Excellent Power Transfer with the Power Zone Sole and Stiffness Index of 9
  • Reasonably priced at the $350 price point
  • Customizable micro closure and ErgoLogic Arch Insole
  • Comfortable and truly fits like a glove
  • Minimal movement to reduce wasted Watts
  • Lightweight at a mere 265 grams 


  • Only comes in one matt/gloss grey color 


The Scott Road Premium cycling shoe is a high-performance and reasonably priced with an excellent customizable fit and superior power transfer.