Finally, a power meter that doesn’t mess up your bike and empty out your wallet


Several years ago, I demo the iBike Newton and due to its affordable price, easy set up and incredible physics-based accuracy, it was a top recommended power meter on the market. The PowerPod is a quite different power meter system, as it does not use the measurements from the crank, pedals or chain rings, it calculates power based upon opposing forces caused by hills, wind, acceleration and friction. These measurements are recorded 800 times per second which in itself is an incredible feat when this is all based upon the environment and the forces of power applied by the cyclist when they pedal. The PowerPod is an easy to use, set up, pair and requires a one ride calibration. The Pod can be easily transferred for up to four bikes at a time using a highly secure mounting system (through GoPro style attachment). The PowerPod works with Ant+ bike computers and requires a speed and cadence sensor. I initially rode my Roubaix to test the accuracy without calibration it was off by approximately 20 to 30 Watts, but after a calibration ride, the unit’s accuracy was excellent. The unit has a rechargeable battery, charging that was about an hour, but will give you up to 20 hours of continuous use before the next charge. I would purchase a longer USB cord just so you don’t have to take the unit off the bike when you do charge it. One of the most impressive aspects of the PowerPod is that it is only $299 which is an excellent price point compared to other one leg power meter systems like Stages, Pioneer or 4iiii Precision. The Pod is easy to transfer between multiple bikes requires no straps, bands or adhesives. You can use the PowerPod both in indoors and out, and just requires slight change in setting of indoor with Trainer specific use. This is included in the purchase price when the upgrade was an additional price previous in the Newton. The Pod is a power packed physics calculating machine that makes the ability to use it multiple bites effortlessly. The software that’s included is the Isaac which is an excellent analysis of your complete objective data. The advanced software which I would like to try one day is the PowerStroke, which is $99 and gives the cyclist for the most advanced calculations on peddling mechanics and Watt efficiency (wasted energy) on the market. The PowerPod is an excellent, affordable, accurate power meter that is simple to install and use and is one of my Top products for 2016.


  • PowerPod is the only power meter that attaches to your handlebars–no need to change or modify your crank, wheel, pedals, or bottom bracketMeasures both legs’ power, delivering accuracy on par with “gold standard” power meters costing 5 times as much, and accuracy superior to one-leg power meters
  • The only power meter that moves effortlessly from bike to bike, using its GoPro-style mounting system
  • Works with any ANT+ bike computer (and coming in Spring 2016, both ANT and BLE)
  • Incredibly simple to set up; attach it to your handlebars, pair it to your ANT+ bike computer, then ride
  • Works on road bikes and mountain bikes and can store bike/rider information for up to four different bikes
  • PowerPod technology has been proven refined over hundreds of thousands of miles of real-world cycling, with over 11 years of continuous improvements
  • Free Isaac software for PC/Mac allows direct download of PowerPod ride data including power, wind speed, bike speed, cadence, elevation, hill slope, CdA, and more
  • One Year Warranty



  • Easy to set up, calibrate and pair with computer head unit (Garmin Edge 1000)
  • Affordably priced at $299
  • Works with Ant+ computers and speed/cadence sensors (Wahoo Blue SC)
  • Very accurate and reliable data
  • Transfers to multiple bikes with no straps, bands or adhesives
  • Advanced PowerStroke Software analysis available for $99
  • Works with indoor trainers (included in price, previous was upgrade in Newton)


  • Only Ant+ compatible, but works with the majority of Cycling Computers (Bluetooth coming soon)
  • Power analysis bilaterally, no individually but price point to Left Arm Power is excellent
  • I’d purchase a USB extender cord for easy recharging without removing pod from your bike


The PowerPod is an excellent, affordable, accurate power meter that is simple to install and use and is one of my Top products for 2016.