Think about your current helmet; now imagine it lighter, with a more comfortable fit system, better ventilation, an additional (optional) aeroshell and improved side impact protection. That is what the Lazer Z1 offers.  


As I branch out into several newer helmets during summer (Lazer, KASK and MET), first one on my list is the Laser Z1. Some quality features which include aerodynamics, comfort and superior impact protection. The Helmet should be one most important piece of equipment the cyclist has, and the Z1 has a four piece in mold technology with advanced carbon rigidity brace system (RBS). This system gives the cyclist multiple impact protection angles and T-pro design for crash protection. This helmets weight is quite impressive because it feels like you’re holding a feather. The customize fit is due to the Advanced Rollsys retention system which is micro adjustable to fit your head perfectly. Ventilation is quite impressive as the 31 large vents that keep your head cool and add to the aerodynamics of the helmet. The aerodynamics of the Laser Z1 has been Vent Tunnel tested to optimize performance and airflow. Straps lay flat against the head and the straight strap dividers (SST) ensure consistent placement. This helmet is expensive at $259 but as an athlete, husband and father… you are paying for a quality performance and safety protection product. The Lazer Z1 helmet is a superior high-performance, maximum protection and aerodynamic helmet and is well worth the price. 


  • 4-piece In-Mold technology with carbon RBS (Rigidity Brace System) multi-impact resistance offers excellent protection in the event of a crash or collision
  • Featherlight construction feels nearly weightless
  • T-Pro design adds material around the temples for better protection
  • 31 large vents are Vent Tunnel tested to maximize airflow over the head
  • Advanced Rollsys retention system is light durable and adjustable
  • Light straps with straight strap dividers (SST) ensure that straps lay flat against the head


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Tunnel tested for maximized aerodynamics and ventilation
  • Superior crash protection design
  • Secure fit on the head with micro adjustments and Advanced Rollsys retention system 


  • Expensive at $259, but you are paying for a superior performance and safety protection 


The Lazer Z1 helmet is a superior high-performance, maximum protection and aerodynamic helmet and is well worth the price