Monthly Mental Mileage is a quick summary of what’s new at The Happy It’s an easy way for you to stay up to date on current Research projects, completed demo reviews, plus the nutritional supplements and athletic products we’re currently testing.

Product reviews completed 

Recent interview Company Profile/Spotlight

Recent interview with New Powertap Product Manager Brian Turany

Recent Interview with Product Marketing Leader from FINIS, Bryn Lewis

Recent Interview with Athlete Blood Testing (ABT) and Scott Lewis, Business Development Leader

My 2018 WishList from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

So here is my WishList for the 2018 CES as I experience Cutting Edge and Advancements in Health and Fitness technology

Demo testing in progress

Watch for reviews of these products soon:

  • CycleOps Hammer
  • Power2Max NG
  • Cronos Cycling Shoes
  • TICKR Fit
  • Watteam PowerMeter
  • CycleOps Magnus
  • Cycleops Direct Trainer
  • HammerHead Karoo
  • BlackBurn Raceday Portable Trainer
  • Leomo Type R
  • Stages DASH
  • Love Beets
  • Topical Edge

That’s it for this month. I’ll be preparing for my Spring training and setting the stage for Road, Wheel and Water products. Check back during February for all the latest updates.