The Elite-designed ergometer represents the heart of the product and precisely measures the torque applied to KURA’s transmission shaft and calculates the power for unprecedented watts accuracy (± 1%). 


This was my first experience in the Elite trainers, as this is been a long time coming as I had heard that the accuracy, durability and performance of these elite trainers are top-notch. I was able to demo at the K&G Bike center in Kettering Ohio was able to give it a full-on site demo with multiple power meter options, cycle meters and of course my iPad Pro. I do believe that the Direct Drive trainers reduce the wear on the tire and give you that true wheel to trainer connection without any skipping which is typical for indoor trainers. The elite trainers are unmatched for their impressive accuracy at ± 1% which is my opinion one of the top percentages that I’ve seen so far with majority of them in the ±1.5 to 5% difference range. As with all trainers today, the dual wireless communication thru Bluetooth and Ant+ are just a requirement in today’s world. The fluid resistance is self-adjusting and progressive at the same time, as the oil in the unit heats up it offers a much more stable and continuous (Road like feel) power curve resistance. When you increase your cadence, the pedal resistance and fluid with heat increases simultaneously. While the Kura is not interactive, it does give you a technology integration with all smartphone, computer and iPad technology to give you the dynamics and analytics of your performance. The frame and structure are very solid, adjustable and keep you stable at all times. The flywheel gives you ultra-smooth pedaling due to the direct drive fluid in the 4.5 kg internal flywheel. The Kura is a beast and with as big as it is, easily folds down for storage and transportation if necessary. One option that I have not seen any trainer so far is the internal generator for power. This internal generator gives you a no power supply needed ability, which is a first in the trainer world.  It has a rechargeable battery that charges with any pedaling. This also has a USB connector to charge from an external power source if needed. There are indicators for battery status through the LED lights. The Kira was very quiet, and I was impressed with the lack of noise that it had even in full pedaling 100 plus mode. As for the cost, it’s reasonably priced for around $900 with the additional features of impressive ± 1% power accuracy and the rechargeable battery, you can’t go wrong with this purchase. Overall, the Elite Kura is a top-notch direct drive train that will last give you impressive accuracy and have a world-class design and power measurement. 


  • Direct Transmission Smart (not interactive) home trainer.
  • Double wireless communication protocol ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart.
  • High-rotation speed internal flywheel for great pedaling roundness, as you’d have on the road.
  • ideal for high cadence, maximized power and sprint-based training sessions
  • Integrated Optical Torque System (OTS) power meter is certified to be accurate to within less than 1%
  • Direct Drive fluid trainer with 4.5 Kg internal flywheel for ultra-smooth pedaling
  • Folds down for easy portage and storage
  • Internal generator means the Kura does not require power
  • My E-Training – Mobile version (Lifetime subscription): an exciting and technically sophisticated virtual coach that travels with you whatever your destination is.


  • Reasonable priced at $899
  • Requires no external power supply
  • Realistic Road like feel
  • Unmatched power measurement at ±1%
  • Stable design with long lasting Internal Flywheel
  • Direct drive that reduces wear on Tire and wheels 
  • Compatible with all 3rd party Training Apps


  • Not an interactive smart trainer but rider gear controlled 


Overall, the Elite Kura is a top-notch direct drive train that will last give you impressive accuracy and have a world-class design and power measurement.