Since 2014, we have striven to bring the best value, performance, innovation and industry leading design features to the athletic community. Our newest compression system is our greatest design yet. Completely redesigned from scratch to meet the needs of hard training athletes, our Patent Pending design is the most comprehensive system available on the market today  


I have demoed all the Compression Recovery boots over the last year. What excites me about the demo of the Elevated Legs Recovery System, is that it has very specific new features make it more customized to the individual athlete along with the ice recovery gel liner. Each of these key features are more appealing for the athlete in terms of improving recovery rates and targeting additional muscle groups but also comfort and affordability. The cascading sequential air digital pump is very quiet. The dual extra heavy-duty zipper allows for a wider range of leg sizes without buying multiple leg sleeves. There are 10 levels of programable pressure for a 270 max compression either recovery or massage specific with easy to program via a touch screen system. I feel the continuous Air Chambers reduced/eliminate dead spots for an improved recovery response. Elevated Legs is very specific to key muscle groups you may need to focus on which include IT Band, Hamstring, Quadriceps or Hip Flexors.  Weight of the pump itself is a lot lighter (13 lbs) than most versions with retractable handle and is more powerful than the compact version. Each leg sleeve is specifically designed for the right or left side is able to go further up on the leg with the enhanced angulation to hit more of the hip flexors and Iliotibial (IT) muscle groups. One of the things that I’ve always been an issue with the previous versions was the compression on my feet and I felt that the angle squeezed/pinched the toes just a tad too much. This newer version has a Soft Toes Foot Pod design giving you more comfort along with the ideal recovery function of your lower extremities. I’ve always used ice for cryotherapy, post recovery especially with high levels of lactic acid soreness or injury. The patent pending ice gel liner packs which holds eight removable for ice or hot therapy packs per leg gives you the versatility of reducing inflammation and soreness with the ease-of-use icepack. The 16 ice packs also come in a very handy icepack gel cooler which will keep the packs for extended periods of time. While there is quite a variety in costs ($389 to $1,495) for compression boots, I would say that the Elevated Legs System are somewhere in the middle at approximately $945. While this cost I feel is very reasonable, the key Individual and Specialized features make this one of my Top recommendations for all types of athletes not only to reduce muscle soreness, improve recovery and of course enhance performance. The Elevated Legs Recovery System is a specialized Recovery system that is reasonably priced, easy to use and highly effective in reducing muscle soreness, improving recovery rates and maximizing performance for all types of sports. 


  • Ultra-Quiet Cascading Sequential Air Fill Digital Pump. Available in 110V and 220V
  • Touch Screen with 10 levels of programmable pressure with Recovery and massage options
  • 2 Legs Sleeves, Right/Left Specific for maximum leg coverage
  • Removable extended length hose with professional grade quick connects
  • Available with or without our Patent Pending removable and washable Gel Pack Liner. Liner includes 16 custom-made Hot/Cold Gel Packs in an insulated soft cooler to keep your gel packs cold/hot during storage and transportation
  • Dual Extra Heavy-Duty Zippers allows a wider range of leg size use and increased comfort. Zipper Quality ensure years of reliable use and high durability
  • Advanced Foot Pod Design for full inflation without uncomfortable lateral or angled compression
  • Custom made Travel Storage/Mud backpack included
  • Full 2 Year Warranty


  • Reasonable priced at $945
  • Simple to use and program for specific recovery, massage or targeted muscle groups
  • Durable and long lasting material, zippers, hoses and Digital pump
  • Enhanced Right/left leg Specific for added comfort and muscle groups
  • Ice or cold therapy for increased tissue, delayed onset muscle soreness and inflammation
  • Added design on upper hip region and toes for improved comfort and recovery response 
  • Maximum compression of 270 for superior physiological response


  • None 


The Elevated Legs Recovery System is a specialized Recovery system that is reasonably priced, easy to use and highly effective in reducing muscle soreness, improving recovery rates and maximizing performance for all types of sports.