The CycleOps PowerBeam Pro Bike Trainer has been designed specifically for the most demanding riders on earth who want to control the variables of training, with software that lets you plan out a precise workout whilst measuring your output and comparing it to your targets, to aid you perform at the highest level possible. CycleOps PowerBeam Pro Bike Trainer turns a few feet of extra space into a world-class testing facility.


I have had multiple Cycleops trainers (Wind, Fluid and SuperMag) over the years but have always wanted the technology of my Cycleops PT 300 with portability and Ant+ wireless technology. The Cycleops PowerBeam Pro was designed for the athlete who wants to control all resistance variables and digest valuable information to increase his/her performance. Knowledge is POWER and the PowerBeam gives you every imaginable detail of your workout giving you’re your own personal world class research and testing facility. The PowerBeam manual resistance can be adjusted from 30 to 1000 watts with slopes from 0 to 10 degrees of hill climbing. I personally love this feature because it is reliable, simple and quick. The Closed Loop resistance control ensures accurate technology to + or – 5% for precise power measurement with instantaneous resistance changes all at your finger tip. Constant interaction between the trainer and computer gives you smooth and immediate changes just like a Real Road experience. The Power Beam Pro trainer is one of the quietest I’ve ever used and sets up in a few seconds with the self adjusting mechanism. The frame is sturdy and has a sharp classy look and design to it.  The ability to control my own variables (watts/slope) has given me a more precise dialed in workout and improved my performance and objective data need for my ongoing research.


  • PowerTap power measurement technology accurate to + or – 5% for precise power measurement.
  • Closed loop resistance control allows you to target and lock in exact power output or slope for precise interval training with instantaneous resistance changes.
  • Easy set up and portability
  • 100% data integrity, no drop outs or interference.
  • PowerTuned flywheel optimizes inertial effect with limited dead weight for smooth, realworld feel.
  • Large, precision machined alloy roller reduces tire wear and slippage.
  • Quick-cam locking mechanism allows fast installation and removal of bike.
  • CycleOps Pro series frame is the easiest to use and most stable frame available


  • Comes with Free PowerAgent software
  • Ant+ compable with my iPhone Apps (Cycleops and Mapmyride) and the Wahoo Fitness dongle
  • Easy wireless setup between the trainer itself and Joule 3.0
  • Incredible technical support (never did like reading the manual/directions)
  • Just plug in the power cable and the system basically connects itself and searches and finds compatible technology
  • Pairs effortless with Cycleops accessories (cadence and 2.4 coded heart strap)
  • The Joule 3.0 is a large color dashboard to your objective and controlled data that is easy to read and modify at the touch of a finger


  • Expensive, but The PowerBeam Pro has the simplicity and advanced technology that is worth the price.


The PowerBeam Pro was created with every detail in mind to give the rider as close to a “read road experience” with Ant+ wireless technology in the comfort of your home.