Pro-level power management taken to a new level: Since our introduction of the world’s first-ever wireless power meter in 2006, we’ve been continually striving to improve it. The new PowerTap G3C and G3 hubs raise the bar to another level altogether: lighter, stiffer, ANT+ compatible, and better than ever.


My first Power meter was the wired Powertap with a natural progression as Cycleops improved with their SL+ 2.4 model.  As an Athlete and Researcher, I require and demand superior performance, highly detailed and accurate real time information for my ongoing testing. The G3 (Generation 3) gives me just that and more.  The unit is accurate +/- 1.5%, which is the Best I have used in the Industry. The G3 measures exact precision for an intense interval set or the full “all out” group ride. The Powertap Hub is a feather weight at just 325 grams with wider flanges that give you stiffness and strength at the same time. The sharp black matte finish looks like a high tech gadget from the future. In today’s market, the Ant+ technology standard will allow your personal computer preference to monitor and track your progress with precise dashboard detail. The signal of the torque tube translates your watts, speed, torque and virtual cadence at the  Joule 3.0 color console. In the G3 model, the electronic transmission unit was moved to the outside of the unit. This breakthrough concept will greatly reduce any future repair/shipping costs and get you back on the bike quickly. The unit can be removed in about 30 seconds for battery replacement, but wasn’t necessary in my case. The Cycleops G3 cutting edge technology and superior product performance continue to set the industry standard with incredible accuracy and craftsmanship that will become an invaluable training tool for you.


  • Hub weighs a mere 325 grams (80 Grams less than the SL+)
  • Wider flanges for a stiffer and stronger overall wheel
  • Smaller overall hub profile
  • New field-serviceable electronics
  • ANT+ compatible for use with Joule or your favorite computer
  • Accurate to within +/- 1.5%.
  • storing up to 15 hours of data in one-second intervals, and up to 30 hours of data in two-second intervals
  • wireless 2.4 GHz Ant+ transmission
  • New cap for extra level of serviceability for firmware updates
  • 32-hole, DT Swiss Competition spokes
  • Battery life (single CR2032) of approximately 300 hours
  • PowerAgent software included


  • Lightweight at just 325 grams
  • Preciously accurate to +/- 1.5%
  • Can be used for any and all training conditions
  • Immediate set up with my Joule 3.0
  • Wheels were very stable and true after a minimum of 1,0000 miles
  • Comes with 1 years warranty
  • The Ant+ gives you many personal computer and App options (Garmin, MapMyFitness and Wahoo Fitness)


  • None and if there was, the change in the position of the electronic transmitter unit to the outside on the non drive of the shell, makes the unit quickly serviceable with reduced costs and minimal down time


The Cycleops G3 technology and superior product performance continue to set the standard with incredible accuracy and craftsmanship that will become an invaluable training tool for you