Zegho is the most advanced cycling specific eyewear available. Developed in partnership between Assos Centro Studio and Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens, Zegho feels different to any other sunglasses you have ever worn. Engineered for pure performance.


Assos produces the highest quality clothing and accessories on the market today. Protecting your eyes is necessary for safety in all environmental conditions, but shouldn’t impede your performance only enhance. Pronounced “Zay-go” the Zegho is a combination of the future and modern with common sense features. The partnership with the leader of Lens technology, Carl Zeiss Vision, to have the reputation of cutting edge and style at the same time to produce eyewear the truly makes sense. The Zeiss Lens has a full 180 degree field of vision which has zero optical distortion called ASSOS zOd. Tec. The polyamide lens gives more flexibility and durability than typical lens materials with higher impact resistance.  The anatomical curve of the lens reduces weight and lens fog while improving fit on the face and eye protection.  The 2/3 Tunnel view will give you the option have eye protection in the majority of the lens which have the ability to just tilt back to have a clear view of your environment. The Ri-Pel coating is anti-static, anti-smudge and resists chemicals, repeals water/debris and very easy to clean. The 3 point contact frame has a Clickface adaptive technology that ensures the perfect fit every time with a zero pressure feel on the face. These Zegho glasses are incredibly light weight, that you will forget you have them on, but will optimize every aspect of your vision and safety at the same time.


  • Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens partnership
  • Assos TV Tunnel View Lens Technology
  • 180VF field of vision
  • ZOD.Tec Zero optical distortion
  • Only 27.5 Grams of Superleggera
  • ClickFace pro adaptive skin touch material
  • Zero Pressure for all head shapes
  • Ri.Pel hydrophobic lens treatment
  • Non polarized for safety in changing environmental conditions


  • Form fits to your face
  • Incredible 180 degree unobstructed field of view
  • Feather weight
  • Durable and flexible polyamide lens material
  • Water repellant
  • No pressure on facial contacts


  • Expensive, but you will never a need another pair of sunglasses


After years of having to wear sunglasses, I have realized that the Zegho ASSOS combine the best safety, style and technology on the market today.  These are quite honestly the best pair of glasses I own and I’d highly recommend them to wear on the bike or while driving on the road.