Proper shoes are essential to not only protect the bio mechanics of foot, but secure safety and performance all at once. I was able to compare the three top CrossFit shoes the Reebok Nano 8, Nike Metcon 4, and No Bull. I chose these three not only are they one of the top CrossFit shoes on the market, but they all are similar with just a few slight differences. 

All three shoes have a comparable price at $130. As for the comfort and fit issue, the Reebok Nano and Nike Metcon are very good but I felt that the No Bull shoe was the most comfortable and had minimal to no movement within the shoe/toe box during all activities. Each brand has their own specific material that they designed from the Reebok Flexweave, Nike Flywire and No Bull having SuperFabric. They create maximum durability and breathability through the shoe and you are able to fully customize the laced fit based upon preference tightness. 

The Sole of the shoe has excellent stability and a secure traction to reduce slippage and optimize traction with all different pavement and CrossFit surfaces. The flexibility of the sole is lower than a typical shoe (I wouldn’t recommend running long distance in these shoes), but this is essential to prevent injury and reduce stress on the first. 

The No Bull has over 45 different color designs while the Nike Metcon 4 has 15+ with the design your own ability and lastly the Reebok Nano 8 has only nine color options. 

As I said previously, the No Bull is my number one choice not only for the comfort, overall performance and security of the foot with the Nike Metcon 4 being a close second and the Reebok Nano 8 pulling third. While they all are excellent shoes at this point it is just your preference in terms of what you choose while you train.