Castelli takes claim on the best Bibshort ever with the Body Paint 2.0 Bibshort. These shorts are formed from a single piece of seamless fabric for a naturally supportive fit. Just to give you more of an idea of the technicality of these shorts, Castelli engineered the dimples into the fabric to induce flow separation and reduce aerodynamic drag. Think of it as the clothing equivalent for the Zipp rim dimples. That’s just one of the many features included in these shorts. What are you waiting for?


Several years ago, I used the Body Paint 1.0 version for several thousand miles and was looking forward to putting the New Body Paint 2.0 to the test. Castelli is proud to call these “the fastest and most comfortable bibs” you’ll ever wear and I fully agree with them. These bibs are formed from a single piece of technologically advanced fabric for a truly dynamic and anatomical support. The no seam attitude is impressive and makes you wonder why seams are used in the majority of cycling bibs on the market today. The lack of seams provides less areas of irritation or fabric beak down after a few thousand miles in the saddle. These bibs are highly compressive and form fitting once the muscles are engaged warmed up. You can feel the purely body painted feeling once you’ve warmed up. The Giro 2 Bibs straps will not pinch or irritate the upper shoulder trapezius areas and is incredibly soft and stretchy, keeping the bibs positioned correctly. The Giro 3 leg grippers have a knitted 5 cm wide band that secures the bibs, provides muscle compression and lies completely flat against the skin. This continuous skin suit presentation improves aerodynamics and reduces drag. The Aero dimples are knitted in the material to induce air flow separation with movement and improve aerodynamics. The Progetto X2 Air seat pad is research tested thru the Cervelo Test team. The X2 is comprised of 3 distinct functioning layers for skin antibacterial protection, ventilation and cushion to your undersurface. Every aspect of the Progetto chamois is strategically and anatomically placed to optimize function and comfort. These bibs are the most comfortable and fastest bibs I’ve worn. You feel as if they are painted on you with the best features and technologically advanced materials of the Cervelo test team.


  • Body paint engineered knit fabric integrates most components into a single piece of seamless fabric
  • Variable knit structure in Body Paint 2.0 for improved aerodynamics and moisture management
  • Giro3 Leg Grippers for compression, added security and aerodynamics
  • Our most comfortable and aerodynamic short
  • Mesh back for breathability
  • Progetto X2 Air seat pad for famous X2 comfort and improved air-flow
  • Sublimation-printed leg ending
  • Giro2 Bib Straps are comprised of a single strip fabric which eliminates shoulder compression and irritation


  • The most comfortable pair of Bibs that fit me anatomically perfect
  • Provide both dynamic fit and compressive function
  • Reasonably priced at $250
  • Superior aerodynamic design
  • Maximum technology from the Progetto X2 Air seatpad


  • As they are named, they feel and look like they are painted on you, so they’ll keep you highly motivated to keep yourself in top shape


These Castelli Body Paint 2.0 bibs are the most comfortable and fastest bibs I’ve ever worn. You truly feel as if they are painted on you with the best features and technologically advanced materials of the Cervelo test team.