The long-distance comfort bib short that is tailored for total comfort during longer rides, T FI.Mille S5 is the perfect long-distance bib short. Thanks to its full ergonomic pattern design and four-panel construction, T FI.Mille S5 guarantees optimal muscle compression, coupled with freedom of movement. The FI.Mille S5 insert is slightly larger and thicker than the FI.13 S5. With more controlled elasticity and a built-in stabilizer, the FI.Mille S5 insert gives even more comfort during your ride.


The ASSOS line has long been regarded as the standard for excellence when it comes to high performance bib shorts. I was initially introduced to the ASSOS bibs thru a suggestion of a friend. Since that time, I’ve been thru the S2, S3, now the S5 and many Tens of thousands of miles (Over 10 pairs of bibs).  ASSOS is driven to make the best clothing that they can and if it costs more, then so be it. They feel that every minute should count on the bike and each bib say “Have A Good Ride”.  ASSOS clothing is conceived, designed and engineered to compliment and work together as one unit. With that passion for what they do, Now you know why they are the best.  The bar has been set even higher with the introduction of the S5 generation of the F.I. 13. It features 17% decreased weight and volume and the insert provides 23% less genital pressure over the previous S2 short. The fabric offers 35% greater breathability and 18% greater muscle compression compared to the previous A360 fabric. The bibs feature a lightweight carbon mesh that reduces static. A430 fabric is used on the outer panels for comfort and muscle compression and A431 fabric on the inner thighs to help keep the chamois in place and for durability. The front has a high elasticity fabric to reduce pressure on the genitals and keep them in place. AEPD design contours the short for riding position so don’t get worried if the short and bibs pull a little strange when standing upright. The F.I. 13 chamois utilizes separate layers placing softer layer next to the skin that compresses less and a dimpled layer for ventilation.


  • AEPD ergonomic 4-panel cut
  • FI. Mille S5 insert
  • Innovative insert cut for less pressure on the genital area
  • Regular cut with +4cm longer leg
  • Triple needle stitching
  • Back panel antistatic carbon fiber mesh
  • Elastic leg-gripper with asymmetric design
  • Overlock seams
  • Reflective visibility stripes
  • UV Protection 50+


  • Incredible fit and comfort
  • Superior performance for short or long distance in compression and movement
  • Durable and long lasting for 1,000 of miles
  • Specific insert chamois design for extended personal comfort


  • Very expensive, but worth the investment
  • Never did quite understand the F1 I3 S numbering system


The ASSOS bibs fit my 5’7 and 154 lbs frame like a glove or second skin. These ASSOS Millie Bibs are well worth the high ticket price and I have several. They will last as long as you take excellent care of them. I personally wash them in Arm & Hammer Clean Burst liquid detergent on hot water and let them hang to dry. Be very careful when you wash them (without other clothes) and line dry them only. My wife accidently put them in the dryer…they were just a little tighter.