With my ongoing shoulder pain and tendonitis,  I’m always using multiple products, massages and stretching routines to keep myself pain-free with full range of motion and postural stability. I was able to demo the top three shoulder training devices which include the Crossover Symmetry, RMT Club and the ShoulderShere A7. Each one has their key benefits and I will go over all of them in detail.

The Crossover Symmetry has a reasonable price point at $195 and is incredibly durable with the most and long lasting bands I’ve seen to date. There is very varying degrees of resistance at 7, 10, 15 and 25 lbs. It is very convenient for travel with multiple mounts for door, ceiling or squat rack. It is easy to you with a easily accessible videos and wall chart for resistance training exercises. It is very effective for that only rehab but specific sport training and injury prevention.

The RMT Club is priced at $99 to $109 depending on the pound club you purchase. The Club is incredibly durable and can withstand just about anything (steel, cement or tires). It is easy to use with multiple training options. Now with your purchase, you’re set on the pound option but there is additional resistance levels for purchase which included 2, 4, 6 and 8 pound versions. While it’s easy to carry in general, it’s not convenient for travel. I have found the RMT Club to be highly effective for Rehab training but specific sport injury prevention/stabilization and overall increased my shoulder range of motion dramatically.

The ShoulderSphere A7 which is $169 and is reasonably priced. While the unit is seems very durable itself, It would not withstand dropping with the Sphere may possibly break.  I have one suggestion about the Sphere, there is no varying degrees of resistance.  There’s only one training mode and it is difficult to master, but the fine movement mastery is the whole key to the ShoulderSphere’s effectiveness.  Training the smaller accessory rotator cuff muscles to improve your specific sport, post injury rehab, injury prevention and postural shoulder/scapular stability.

Overall, I would have to say my top two favorites are the Crossover Symmetry and the RMT Club. The varying degrees of resistance within your purchase of the Crossover Symmetry makes it a better purchase value,  but I do think the RMT Club is a better product overall,  I only wish there was the ability to add different resistance amounts instead of based upon your multiple purchase options.