I was able to compare the top two portable trainers side by side.  Both the Blackburn Raceday and Feedback Omnium trainers are almost exactly the same except but with a few very minor differences.

Each have a Progressive Internal Resistance that comes from the 2 aluminum 4-inch drums. The Omnium is capable of approximately 600 watts and the Raceday around 650. Set up is effortless, requires no tools just opening, closing and tightening to get the ideal fit.  The bases are a tripod design with rubber feet that stabilizes to all types of outdoor pavements and flooring.

Both have the ability to adjust to different heights and are compatible with all standard wheels and bike sizes. They weigh about the same which is 14 pounds for the Omnium and under 15 for the Raceday. The Feedback has a 3-year warranty and the Blackburn has a limited lifetime warranty (which doesn’t give you a timeframe). Each come with a heavy-duty tote bag for easy transport and the Blackburn Raceday has a slightly smaller dimension (20x18x66 and 19x18x52).

The Feedback Omnium has a $30 difference in price at $429 and the Blackburn Raceday $399.  Overall, they are comparatively about the same with a slight change in price (7%) but my trainer of choice is the Omnium as I feel that even though Blackburn’s claim is higher resistance, I thought the Feedback has a better resistance curve and the tripod frame unit was sturdier.