I continue to improve my form and training in the water I was able demo the top buoyancy shorts with each one of them are well known each very similar and reliable features with just a few differences between them.

With all shorts 100% neoprene, the Blueseventy Core is designed throughout (no thickness variation) and the LAVA Xterra Wetsuit short is 4mm front/3mm back. The ROKA SIM Pro II Aerodome Centerline panel and the Zone3 Original has 3 mm front/5 mm side panels. I do feel that performance is enhanced with varying degrees of thickness are are essential. The shorts are extremely durable, can withstand hours of pool chemicals and are hydrophobic.

I do feel that leg length extension which the Blueseventy, ROKA and LAVA are extended, optimized or above the knee with the Zone3 just has a basic length. All Buoyancy shorts are incredibly effective at creating the “floating experience” and color graphics allow your coach and trainer to see and analyze form and swim technique. The LAVA has the most impressive design with the Black/Blue triple X design and the ROKA close second with the lightning RS2 Speed stripe.

The waist of the shorts having a knitted (LAVA), stretched ROKA or comfort focused with Zone3 and the Blueseventy has a drawstring closure for added individual body type customization. As for sizing variations, Blueseventy is waist measured, LAVA is hip and the more specificity of ROKA with hip/waist and Zone3 with waist/body type. I truly had a much better fit with my larger legs and smaller waist with the ROKA and Zone3.

As for price, they range between $75 up to $220 with the most affordable being the Zone3 and the LAVA the most expensive at $220 and in between ROKA at $120 and Blueseventy at $110. I have to say my 2 favorites are the ROKA and Zone3 based upon the fit, performance and the price. Zone3 the most affordable with all the key features. Blueseventy is an excellent buoyancy short with all the features except for the slight difference in the size of the diameters. The LAVA has the essential features with design, cool colors but didn’t fit as well with the price with just too high as compared to the others.