TRX system has been a consistent part of my suspension training for years and with my continued interest in simple and effective products, I gave the Rings a regular workout.

When I compare the TRX and Gymnastic Rings, there are several similar features, but I truly believe the rings are a much better product not only for affordability, versatility and overall strength and range of motion body weight exercise. Comparing the TRX and Ring systems, the Rings have a dual attachment which require a moderate to high-level vertical anchor while TRX is a single attachment.

Each of the two are very highly portable with multiple attachment abilities with the Rings having beams, branches, bars and are securely fashioned with a buckle. The TRX is also easily attached to the same but the TRX also has wall mount and door strap options with carbiner for high-level versatility also. The setup is easier for the Rings as you just throw over and attach with the secure buckle but the TRX requires some level of anchor, door mount or beam attachment but overall, they both are very good.

The TRX has Training App options that comes with the purchase, but the Rings have no instructional exercises just mostly… YouTube videos and just simple starting out beginner, moderate and advanced exercises as you progress. The two biggest differences I feel in the Rings and TRX is not only the difficulty level but also the price. You can get an average set of rings for around $50 while TRX Home 2 and Pro 4 model range from $150 to around $200 (on sale) which is a significant difference in the two. As for the difficulty the rings are one of the most humbling and difficult training exercise done today. As I thought over the many years of years training that had I had a strong upper body, but it did show that I had nothing close to that. The Rings also validated the sheer power and control that Gymnasts possess.

It will take quite some time for me to develop the upper body strength with body weight suspension, but I do feel that is a much more effective overall upper body strength, range of motion, flexibility and develops very precise coordination and balancing skills that the TRX does to some degree but not to the difficulty level of the Ring system. But as I said they both have their benefits, TRX is more for a beginner to moderate level while the Rings has a beginner moderate and highly advanced model that does take years to develop the strength and balance capabilities. But the Rings are highly effective in developing a complete upper body and core strength with the high-level versatility, portability and affordability.