Rarely do I get the opportunity to experience a local company that is not too far where I live. I use a lot of Nutritional Supplements and Health-related products not only optimize my health and longevity but improve my athletic performance

Tiger Fitness is family owned and operated outside of Loveland Ohio which is just a few miles North from why live.  I was able to visit Tiger Fitness Head Quarters on several occasions not only to meet entire staff and CEO, but also see the massive inventory of health supplements, products and open Fitness gym for the public. As I pride my own Chiropractic office, I wouldn’t be who I am without my Rockstar staff and from my first call to Tiger Fitness to every visit and conversation thereafter, the staff is truly customer service oriented and will go above and beyond to make your experience everything you would want.

Tiger Fitness was founded in 2001, out of the third-floor attic of Chad’s childhood house, where he invested his passion, hard work and desire to give the community quality health-related supplements and products for a very affordable price. After meeting the Pillar at the Front Desk (Mom Vordem Esche), she told me that 2003 she thought that he was ready for the next step. By becoming a retail shop because this house was just too full of those Health Nut supplements and might fall thru the ceiling. I was able to see that through her sincerity and warm welcome that it is a true family owned company.

Since 2003, Chad has taken Tiger Fitness to completely different level where every supplement, powder and bar is available for you to purchase for below retail price (If not listed on their site, just ask). Tiger Fitness stocks over 8,500 products from the top manufacturers such as MTS Nutrition, Beverly International, Muscletech , HPN, Ambrosia Nutraceuticals, BSN , Optimum Nutrition, MusclePharm and much more! You just can’t beat these prices as they are well worth not only the experience, but the free shipping is included anything over $99. Chad stated that our customers are who made us from the very beginning and we are a word-of-mouth referral company. Tiger Fitness’s motto is “your just not a number… you are a customer”. Chad also said that Tiger Fitness is not only about quality supplements but it’s about educating the customers and providing utmost question-and-answer service. All their products have a 90-day money back guarantee on any purchase with a 100% satisfaction is what they strive for.

Tiger Fitness is a family company built on a passion to improve the health of the customer by providing red carpet service and a fundamental understanding of what the weekend or competitive athlete needs to improve their performance and their health. So, if you live in the Queen City of Cincinnati, feel free to stop by and visit the Retail shop and warehouse and see how impressive from your first phone call to delivery and let them be a part of your current and future Health needs.