I had a very candid and informative conversation about FINIS swim with Product Marketing Leader, Bryn Lewis. As a novice swimmer myself, she informed me in on the history and innovation that is been a part of the FINIS swim legacy for over 25 years. FINIS began as a very simple and original idea that created technology and products for all levels of swimming that improves the performance and training techniques for all types of athletes.

FINIS was started by John Mix in Silicon Valley California, who created this vision with his first concept called the Monofin. This Fin revolutionized the beginning of FINIS and has catapulted them to multiple design patents and products that became the standard for swimming companies today. FINIS is Latin for “The End” or “Finale”, and it signifies in the name of this company both the developmental goals that swimmers have and the end that they strive to reach—the finish line.

The repetition of breathing to one side while swimming has always had some strain on my neck. Bryn informed me that the center-mount snorkel was the original concept and design of the Founder of FINIS.  The innovation of this snorkel changed the competitive swim market and set the standard for many of the products that are the foundation of FINIS. Music while working out can change the intensity of your training as they used bone conduction technology that started with the SwiMP3 and lead to the Duo underwater concert. FINIS developed the Tech Toc and the Hydro Hip for proper hip rotation which first prototypes of the Tech Toc were made of LEGO Duplo, ABS sprinkler tubes, and marbles.

There are several key FINIS products that I am currently using, including the Circuit goggles, Swimsense Live, Original Swimmer’s Snorkel with cardio cap, Drag+Fly, Edge Fins and Iso Paddles. I did feel that it was important for me to truly demo all their competitive and training products, which are the foundation to the success of FINIS. In genuine conversation, I realized that not only does FINIS stand for quality, durability, performance and innovation but they are also very affordable to all different types of athletes (first time swimmer, Mermaids to be, or young athletes at Local Pool Clubs. This affordability gives the athlete an edge on their competitor with training improvements (resistance and technique) and necessary technology to know exactly where they are in the water.

While there are many other swimming companies out there, FINIS focuses more on quality products (not quantity) that make the swimmer more efficient, better trained with durable equipment while in the water. As I continue to make swimming an essential part of my healthy lifestyle, I look forward to their forward vision and innovative products that will continue to be a essential part of my water experience.