I was able to have my highly anticipated conversation for 2018 with Elevated legs CEO Jonathan Davis. Elevated Legs is based in Denver Colorado which I experienced over 2 decades years ago… the jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Denver is the Top training facility for athletes and why not be a part of that advanced training, technology and higher elevation at the same time.

I have been waiting to demo the Elevate Legs system for over year and this is due to some of the new features in design that sets the Elevated Legs apart for the others. There are superior differences in the Elevate Legs that just can’t compare to many of the other compression devices out there. I feel the most important advancement is the patent pending hot and cold gel pack removable liner. As a physician, Athlete use ice (cryotherapy) and heat at different times change the physiological effect of healing and recovery. Specific temperature therapy is essential to reduce inflammation, swelling and blood flow to the heart while heat improves circulation and disperses toxins away from muscles. The combination of compression with ice/heat is cutting edge therapy and I believe that Elevated Legs that this is a game changer for the athlete and will reduce the delayed onset soreness, speed your recovery and maximize your overall performance.

After demoing all of the compression devices, I’ve required that the leg sleeves were a little bit higher on my hip. The updated design of Elevated Legs gives a half circle cutout at the groin region that increases the compression response on the hip flexors and IT band. JD also says that there is an improvement in the foot/toe chamber which doesn’t stress or cut circulation off, which has been a complaint of athletes when the pneumatic devices are fully pumped.

Several of the other bonus features include a retractable handle and easy to use and travel storage backpack.  This simple change will make many of the other devices obsolete based upon ease of carrying in travel and prevents damage in airplane storage travel at the same time. The entire system (boots, pump and hoses) weighs a mere 13 lbs. Jonathan also states that the hose connectors are easier to attach with a removable long length hose system that is more durable, easier to roll up and simpler to connect.

There are two system settings which include the ultra-quiet cascading sequential system each setting will optimize the compression of the leg and improve performance and decrease your recovery time. The fully customized and 10 level programmable for 270 maximum compression with the digital touchscreen. One of the most important features is the cost, this unit with the Hot Cold Liner is less than thousand dollars at $945 in is the affordable price point for the athlete.

I’m excited to experience the true effects of compression and hot/cold gel packs which I do feel is an essential advancement in recovery and performance as cryotherapy has been an essential part of my post recovery training. As JD explained, Elevated Legs was created for the athlete at an affordable cost as they listen to the consumer and modify and changes to make their product the best on the market, not only for cost and personal features but also maximize the recovery and performance of the athlete.