My appreciation and long-standing relationship with Cyclops began almost 20 years ago with my roots in my Chiropractic education in Iowa. The Bordering Wisconsin with all the thousands of flat miles I did pedaled on my old Aluminum Cannondale. This relationship began with my first Cyclops trainer in 1997 when I was ride in the basement during the Cincinnati winter months. My first wired power meter in 1998 gave me a sincere appreciation for power training with attention to essential numbers.

I was given an opportunity through a brief introduction to converse with the new PowerTap Product Manager, Brian Turany. Through his affinity and love for cycling, he began a career in PowerTap. He gave me a true understanding of the family of products from Saris, Cyclops PowerTap and Bike Fixation. PowerTap, Cyclops and Saris were my first and essential trainers, power meter and bike rack. Brian said their products were the beginning of the technology curve for the road cyclists in 1995 have changed the direction of objective data for athletes many years ago making them accurate, durable and affordable. PowerTap is the gold standard of accuracy that still holds-up today: +/- 1.5% power accuracy. PowerTap and Cycleops are not trying to re-invent the wheel but have found that partnering with other industry standards like DT Swiss and FSA just create better products

This family of products is based out of Madison Wisconsin in the heart of the Midwest where majority of the products are assembled, tested and crafted in the good old USA. They are demoed by many of the local athletes and employees to finely tune the technology and durability of many other products that we all use today. While originally the costs of power meters were for only the elite Pros, the price point of PowerTap continues to be more affordable for all levels of athletes from that Magneto trainer to Power P1 Pedals or that new G3 hub.

PowerTap concept is very simple to have products that are easy to remove and transfer to multiple bikes without extra time and effort (tools). Just swap the wheels or change the pedals and you’re ready to travel abroad, demo new bike or just get out on the road. While power’s products deliver industry-leading accuracy and proven, road-tested reliability they continue to make improvements in their software and firmware to keep you on the road and on the trainer without continued long-term yearly purchases. This makes the durability and the simplicity of their product products more long-standing as I myself have put thousands and thousands of miles on my G3 AMP hub and PowerBeam Pro trainers all within that virtual world (Rouvy). Cycleops changed the pavement DVD world with the Virtual Training App and set the Indoor experience that Zwift, Trainer Road and other continue to follow today.

One of the key things that I have always appreciated with Cycleops/PowerTap is that they don’t require a lot of technical setup, just works right out of the box when you start pedaling. This ease-of-use gives the athlete more time to train as we continue to get busier in our lives. I found that even after three years of use my G3 AMP hub continues to be as accurate (+/- 1.5%) and durable and just performs whether it’s that virtual ride or that Clermont County Hilly course that I so thoroughly enjoy in my area.

I am can forward to seeing how Brian’s experience can help the consumer not only understand the passion and continued advanced technology that Cycleops and PowerTap has for 2018 but what this Midwest company will do for all those roadies, CX and mountain bikers in the future.