I have been wanting technology that allows me to oversee and analyze my biomechanics in real time, so I can modify, change and improve my body position to reduce wear on my joints, improve my performance for lasting athletic endeavors.

I found exactly what I was looking for with a company called LEOMO. I was excited about interviewing LEOMO’s Marketing Director , Bryan Smith. We had a very candid and informative discussion about LEOMO TYPE-R and its possibilities not only for athletes, coaches, trainers but all types of athletes worldwide. LEOMO was  started in Tokyo with an idea of real-time motion analysis that is simple to use modify cycling positions of your body in real time, out on the road while riding. The body and musculoskeletal system is constantly changing and adapting as the LEOMO TYPE-R gives the athlete his/her full physiological potential.

The LEOMO TYPE-R has motion performance indicators that are positioned on the sacrum, thighs and feet which calculate observations through a lightweight, rechargeable Bluetooth sensors. These sensors have three axis gyroscopes and accelerometers that records the rider’s movement at 100 data points per second giving you a complete numerical data in real time analysis display on a color interface screen. This computer also connects with Ant + based sensors including power, balancing, cadence, speed and heart rate. The athlete is able to track trends, compensations, deficiencies presently but over time. Objective data and values are displayed in graphs, data points and dead spot scores what is separates the Leomo from other bikes fitting systems.

The simplicity, easy to use and continual monitoring not only in your daily workouts but over time that will save you time, money, energy (driving, setup at bike shop), improve performance and pinpoint biomechanical weaknesses and compensations. As a Chiropractor, the importance of mechanical changes compensations and weaknesses that develop not only in poor posture exercise in basic activity activities of life will not only cause pain dysfunction and where on the joints. The LEOMO TYPE-R gives the athlete the ability to review, change and modify positions and track performance thru real time objective dynamics that will reduce pressure on joints, maximize efficiency and power with continual progress over time as other fitting systems cannot.

The TYPE-R was launched early this summer and the response in the athletic training world has been excellent for its simplicity, ease of use and overall athletic performance enhancements. The TYPE-R uploads in an in-depth data analysis system on your desktop that the athlete, trainer and coach is able to review at any time showing the changes that have occur and dynamics that would improve the overall motion and biomechanics of the athlete’s body. The LEOMO  link companion App gives the athlete ability to set up and configure specific fields and is available through the iOS and android app. The LEOMO TYPE-R is affordably priced for $799 and includes all the accessories of the five sensor units, computer, mounting accessories with LEOMO  Companion App for all computer analysis and data configurations.

It was a sheer pleasure to discuss this cutting-edge technology as it continues to evolve and give the athlete, trainer and coach the possibility for improved performance and decreased injuries without long-term costs over time via continual monitoring analytics