I had the pleasure of talking with the CEO of Zone3 US, Rich Allen. Zone3 US recently open their new HQ in North Carolina as of beginning of 2018. Zone3 was created over 11 years ago in Britain which is the number one swimming company in that part of the world.

In my very candid conversation with Rich, He showed the importance of Zone3 in its origin and was so named from that perfect swimming threshold speed or racing pace where you are going at your fastest speed according to the distance you are travelling as many coaches and swimmers strive for. All the products that I have demoed in Zone3 are designed for maximum performance thru quality manufacturing for lasting durability.  While they are mostly known for their wetsuits, they have won numerous awards over the years for the patented fit of single shoulder design which improves the stroke and overall range of motion of the open water in a triathlete. Zone3 was the original inventor of the buoyancy short which the 5mm to 3mm ratio of the front and side panels and gives the swimmer that “floating experience” and ability to focus on technique and Core stability.

Several key concepts that I found in the conversation with Rich, not only does the Zone3 have the passion to improve the performance of all types of swimmers not only the elite athletes but the Novice and highly competitive with a superior product design for a reasonable price. Why design something that’s going to break down over time, just design a quality and durable product that people will continue to use repeatedly and let the performance results speak for itself, stated Rich.

The bestsellers are there goggles and I demoed the Volare and Vapour, which are designed extremely well, hydrodynamic and perform in all different varieties of water temperatures. Zone3 has a variety of types of equipment, which include wetsuits, swimsuits, technique trainers and of course goggles. Each one has their own key element for the athlete to improve their performance in the short and long haul.

As Zone3 begins competition into the North American swimming world, I truly feel that they have the essential ingredients to the enhance the performance and experience of many aquatic athletes over the years and as I was able to experience and realize that the quality, durability and performance of their products are well worth the price just give them a try.