On several conversations, I was given the opportunity to discuss the early beginning and passionate goals of Athlete Blood Testing (ABT) with Business development leader Scott Evans. Athlete Blood Test developed for the complete understanding, nutritional recommendations and the continuous training physiological effects of all types of athletes from weekend/recreational warriors, competitive and highest level elite athletes. This type of test was only available thru Olympic or Health Care Providers. ABT is the originator and most trusted blood testing profile company in the market today for all types of athletes and has set the standard that others are following.

Athletes Blood Test is a highly comprehensive blood, micronutrient profile and genetic testing informational review that is completed by a medical physician. The Director of ABT is Dr. Garret Rock who developed a precision-profiling and predictive outcome methodology for healthcare systems and Athlete Blood Test. ABT has a very specific individual understanding of your blood chemistry, Hormonal levels, supplement recommendations and the long-term training results that you may be having. Every athlete is different and requires key changes to not only improve health but performance and recovery.

There are several levels of ABT testing panel options that gives all levels of athlete’s multiple options to understand initial, continuous and long-term training and blood chemistry results. From the Bronze Panel that provides a basic “systems check” of the most critical blood markers related to performance to the Gold panel that provides analysis of dietary and supplement needs, training tolerance, recoverability, and competition readiness. The Platinum panel quantifies ideal nutritional and dietary needs combined with genetic testing. This is their most comprehensive panel that shows how your body utilizes micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) in your competitive sport. I do feel that a Gold baseline blood and hormonal study is essential for myself followed up with the general status Silver panel Systems checkup in 8 weeks. Your body continues to change and adapt and with regular evaluations you can see your progress and ongoing nutritional needs.

The cost is quite reasonable and very comparable to general health and blood testing panel. Blood Testing is simple and does not require a physician prescription as you can test your own health and performance values with a comprehensive analysis by the physician on staff. Purchase thru online checkout and your blood is drawn at a location near you with the results emailed with a complete and easy to understand explanation, targeted references and recommendations.

I do feel that with this review you get a highly comprehensive understanding of your complete health status, specific nutritional and dietary recommendations, performance objectives all through the blood chemistry profile. As advanced technology continues to improve on the bike, smartwatch and athletic computers, ABT is on the cutting edge of the body chemistry understanding which gives the athlete the essential and valuable information for present and ongoing training data to optimize health and performance.