I had the pleasure of chatting with Jan von Hofacker, overseas who is the Managing Director with Ameo Power breather. His knowledge and passion to improve performance and quality in athletes while swimming was quite impressive. For years swimmers have been plagued with issues with snorkels, repetitive neck strain movements to acquire oxygen while underwater as the concept of the Ameo was born.

This is a German company who developed the Ameo to reduce the amount of stress on the athlete while breathing while channeling oxygen in and CO2 out without water being caught in either channel. There are two separate intake tubes that bring in fresh, non-circulated air, while your exhaled CO2 exits out the bottom, completely separately. The patented D Lock membrane design that keeps water outside of the tube and reduce stress while breathing and optimize specific dynamic movements while in the water. This device gives the athlete the ability to develop a high quality intense workout without worrying about attaining water/blowing it out of the snorkel and maximizing oxygen intake while performing at high levels. The Ameo Power Breather is a consistent long-term training device without stress of repetitive movements and maximizing cardiovascular overload while increases oxygen intake while in the water. As a bonus the system comes with Speed vents that will improve the lung function, capacity and inspiration and expiration physiology.

While the device is quite new to the Aquatic world is primarily used by general athletes and some triathlons to increase the quality and quantity of the athletes workout thus improving his initial and long-term gains while in the water.

The Ameo Company is excited about the use worldwide by all types of athletes that will increase the consumers ability to use the power breather regularly and exercise more frequently without stress or strain on the spine and improving the quality without quantity of the athletes workout. As Ameo says…Swimming will never be the same