We all lead busy lives from dropping kids off early to school, working through lunch and getting home late. It’s all part of our never ending fast paced lifestyle. With that in mind, being nutritionally prepared is one of the most important parts of eating healthy as an athlete that you can do. Healthy foods will not come from a package or being microwaved. Healthy and fresh Food is a essential key, but making it convenient will only happen if you prepare your food beforehand and make it easy to eat. Not only by having fresh food to just cut up but quickly access as we all know when we first wake up, at lunch or for dinner we are ready to eat and don’t feel like waiting a very long amount of time for everything to cook or prepare it.

We want convenience,  we eat packaged and microwave foods or whatever’s left in the chip bag to snack on. As we get home too late to prepare a healthy meal and are famished. I’ve eaten healthy all my life and I have found that preparing not only my meals but having my supplements sectioned off in daily compartments is a key element for me staying healthy all these years. As a vegetarian, it’s very important for me to prepare my meals so I will have complete proteins consistently and regularly and not develop any nutritional deficiencies or food sensitivities from eating the same food to frequently. Twice a week I cook quinoa, couscous, Spirulina, buckwheat etc. to have enough for two servings.  That gives me what I can eat at that time and then eat within a day or two also.

Is extremely important so that I don’t ever choose to eat whatever’s left in the refrigerator, freezer or the cabinet. Also it’s important because the fact I do take a fair amount of food based supplements, to portion them out for breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening vitamin compartments . This allows me to easily and quickly access the supplements without putting it off, opening multiple bottles or just saying that I don’t have the time.

While we all continue to have very busy lifestyles at home, work and play with her kids being nutritionally prepared is a key element to your overall health, athletic performance and your long-term continual health benefits.