There I was in a brief moment where I lost my concentration for just a split second.  Standing in a awkward position with my right foot slightly rotated outward when it happened. I heard the “pop” in my right hip and felt severe immediate sharp pain when i reached for a heavy object. The pain was severe with difficulty walking and of course sitting and getting my shoe and sock on. Right hip MRI confirmed a mild tear of the labrum.

As my Chiropractic and holistic background came into play, I have Innately recommend to all my patients over the past 25 years, I finally became the patient in “pain”. My pain scale on a 1-10 was a constant nine. I began a extensive progressive treatment  program that consisted of several key elements that stabilize joints, decrease pain, increase healing, reduce swelling and inflammation.  Here was my recipe which helped dramatically recovery and restore function.  First and foremost…the exam revealed a right hip injury with pelvic and lower lumbar (L5) misalignment (subluxation) which required several specific Chiropractic adjustments by Dr. Matt Haumesser. For all those folks out there..not even a chiropractor can adjust him/herself. There pressure was reduced significantly with the adjustments. I also began a nutritional supplement program for Acute Injuries that consisted of Standard process supplements (Ligaplex I, Chlorophyll Pearls and Tuna oil). I used a Arnica gel formula with home TENS unit and of course Ice therapy 4-6 times a day.

I used the Kinesiotape called Rocktape as I have a better response with the durability, skin sensitivity and general performance.  The Rocktape supports and reduces the strain on the injured ligaments with additional lymphatic drainage. The effects of the tape are quite impressive as I wore it for about 1 week as my pain, limp and strain on the hip was reduced.

For about 4 days my training was minimal, but I was lucky enough to get a demo shipment of swimming equipment from Finis which had several products that have been essential to my post rehabilitative strength recovery. The Edge Fins allowed me to work the essential CORE and hip flexor muscles without any pain during athletic physical activity. The Freestyle Snorkel allowed me to purely focus on my swim form to optimize the rehabilitative workouts. That was quite impressive and I continued this for the last month with a recovery of mild pain in certain motions.

As the patient my experience in treating injuries and chiropractic treatment/therapy reduced my pain, improved my healing and recovery thru proper spinal alignment, nutritional supplementation and essential training gear.