The human body is designed to move. Sometimes spinal and extremity joints can get “locked up” thru injuries or poor posture/training and cause abnormal biomechanical movements, unbalanced compensations and breakdown of joints. As joint dysfunction, muscular imbalances are decreased and the nervous system function is restored… The body can operate at optimum level.  

Over the years, I have used motion analysis for the lower extremity foot orthotics called the Footmaxx system. Through the walking of the patient, the computer analyzes the dynamics showing imbalances, chronic injuries and compensations that have occurred over the years. The computerized pressure mat scans the stance phase (foot contacting floor) of gait at 150 images per second. Research shows 70% of patients tested showed moderate to severe abnormalities when walking. The body requires optimal motion and arch support while walking just as it does in cycling. Recent advanced technology in the cycling world has allowed the cyclist to analyze his/her performance to optimize cadence, aero position, reduce stress on hip/knee joints and of course power through a detailed dynamic motion analysis called LEOMO TYPE-R. 

The LEOMO TYPE-R has motion performance indicators that are positioned on the base of lower back, mid thighs and feet which calculate observations through a lightweight, rechargeable Bluetooth sensors. These BE sensors have three axis gyroscopes and accelerometers that records the rider’s movement at 100 data points per second. This gives the cyclist a complete numerical data in real time analysis display on a color interface screen. This computer connects with Ant + based sensors including power, balancing, cadence, speed and heart rate. The athlete or coach can track trends, compensations, deficiencies presently and over training cycles. Objective data and values are displayed in graphs, data points and dead spot scores which is what is separates the LEOMO from other bikes fitting systems. The LEOMO is truly a dynamic analysis while other use a static analysis software. Just as the body can and adapt to stress or compensate, the LEOMO can monitor these changes also. 

As we age and continue to compete, we want the best performance and athletic longevity not only through competition but also reduced pain and preventing injuries. I feel that the LEOMO TYPE-R technology gives the athlete the affordability and continuous objective feedback to change through their real time data objective points to improve your performance in both short and long-term training and competitions.